Adjectives for Homework

Adjectives For Homework

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing homework, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Homework, a word that evokes a multitude of emotions among students and educators alike, can take on vastly different connotations depending on the adjectives paired with it. Adjectives like 'more' and 'much' can amplify the burden, painting a picture of overwhelming stacks of assignments. 'Little,' on the other hand, hints at a rare breather, a lighter workload granting students a moment of reprieve. Venturing beyond quantity, adjectives such as 'industrial' and 'extra' introduce ideas of rigorous practical projects or additional tasks crafted to challenge or reinforce learning. Each adjective not only describes but also shapes our perception of homework, from daunting to manageable, from routine to extraordinary. Uncover the full spectrum of adjectives that capture the diverse nature of homework and the nuanced experiences it encompasses below.
moreI have more homework to do tonight.
muchI have much homework to do tonight.
littleThe students had little homework last night.
industrialThe factory utilized an industrial homework system, allowing employees to work from home on small tasks.
ownI need to finish my own homework
extraThe teacher assigned extra homework to the class as a punishment.
englishI have finished my english homework
lessI would prefer less homework
enoughI have enough homework to keep me busy for hours.
dailyI should finish my daily homework before 10 pm.
necessaryNecessary homework should be done by all students.
regularI had to do regular homework assignments in math class.
mathI finished my math homework last night.
arithmeticI spent hours trying to finish my arithmetic homework
additionalThe teacher assigned additional homework over the weekend.
frenchI spent an hour working on my french homework
mathsI finished my maths homework last night.
interactiveInteractive homework allowed students to learn at their own pace.
unfinishedThe student was worried about his unfinished homework
therapeuticThe therapist recommended that the client complete therapeutic homework outside of sessions.
excessive"Excessive homework" is making students anxious and stressed.
latinI should really finish my Latin homework tonight.
incompleteI still have incomplete homework because I was busy with other things.
compulsoryCompulsory homework should be assigned to high school students to improve their academic performance.
extensiveHer extensive homework took her all night to complete.
considerableI have considerable homework to complete this evening.
seriousI have a lot of serious homework to do tonight.
spanishI need to finish my spanish homework before dinner.
frontI finished my front homework as soon as possible.
gradeThe teacher asked the students to grade homework after class.
relatedI have not completed the related homework
cognitiveShe has a lot of cognitive homework to complete after her traumatic brain injury.
weeklyMy weekly homework is due on Friday.
properThe student always completes proper homework to get good grades.
carefulThe careful homework ensured that we didn't miss any important details.
nightlyHe had a nightly homework assignment so he had to stay up late each school night.
difficultThe difficult homework kept me up all night.
behavioralBehavioral homework is a type of therapy that assigns specific tasks to be completed outside of therapy sessions.
appropriateThe teacher gave the student appropriate homework to do over the weekend.
preliminaryI finished my preliminary homework by Tuesday.
electronicI need some help with my electronic homework
writtenThe teacher assigned written homework
sufficientThe students had done sufficient homework for the test.
sessionThe session homework was challenging but rewarding.
preparatoryI spent hours on preparatory homework before the test.
meaningfulThe teacher assigned meaningful homework to reinforce the lesson.
onlineI have a lot of online homework to do.
thoroughI completed my thorough homework before the class.
assignedThe students finished their assigned homework before the end of class.
adequateThe student turned in his adequate homework and got a passing grade.
solidThe student turned in solid homework on time.
sureI'm sure homework will be helpful.
systematicThe systematic homework improved his grade.
voluntaryThe student completed the voluntary homework assignment on time.
clericalI finished my clerical homework yesterday.
basedThe students were assigned a based homework assignment.
supervisedI need to finish my supervised homework before dinner.
monitoringI am monitoring homework for my students on a daily basis.
sloppyThe student turned in sloppy homework which frustrated the teacher.
gradedThe students submitted their graded homework to the teacher.

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