Adjectives for Honor

Adjectives For Honor

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing honor, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word honor carries a deep significance, resonating with values of respect, dignity, and esteem. Adding adjectives such as great, national, highest, high, and much before honor can profoundly alter its meaning, emphasizing the magnitude or level of respect attributed. For instance, a great honor suggests an accolade of considerable importance, while a national honor brings a patriotic dimension, indicating a recognition valued by an entire country. These modifiers not only enrich the noun but also invite readers to explore the connotations and stories behind the honors mentioned. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with honor below, each illuminating different shades of admiration and reverence.
greatIt was a great honor to be invited to the prestigious event.
nationalThe athlete received national honor for his achievements in the Olympics.
highestThe highest honor was bestowed upon the valiant soldier.
highShe graduated with high honor from the university.
muchIt is a much honor to meet you.
ownHe sacrificed his own honor to protect his country.
personalHe was a man of great personal honor
moreIt's about having more honor than one's rival.
greaterIt is a greater honor to be respected than to be loved.
greatestIt is my greatest honor to be able to speak to you today.
sacredThe sacred honor of the tournament was upheld by the unwavering bravery of the knights.
specialIt was a special honor to receive the award from the president.
dueI extend my due honor to the wise and noble king.
dubious"The politician had the dubious honor of being the first to lose an election by a landslide."
military"With military honor" marked the end of his epitaph.
trueIt was a rare privilege to have a moment alone with the man of true honor
distinguishedIt was a distinguished honor to be awarded the Nobel Prize.
yerThank you, Yer honor
higherWinning an award of this caliber is a higher honor than I could have imagined.
equalThe two teams shared equal honor for their valiant efforts.
signalBeing awarded the National Medal of Honor is a signal honor
worldlyHe is a man of worldly honor
immortalThe knight's immortal honor was passed down through generations.
rareIt was a rare honor to be invited to the royal wedding.
professionalI hold myself to the highest standards of professional honor
maleThe concept of male honor is deeply rooted in many cultures.
singularIt was a singular honor to be recognized by the organization.
doubleThe student received double honor for his outstanding performance in math and science.
divineThe priest considered it a divine honor to perform the ancient ritual.
lessHe was known for his less honor and bravery.
covetedJoining the select few who have earned this coveted honor was a testament to her hard work and dedication.
emptyThe empty honor was a hollow echo in the vast expanse of her heart.
eternalThe veteran's eternal honor will be remembered for generations to come.
unusualIt was an unusual honor to be invited to the party.
mine'Tis mine honor and duty of my place to do.
southernThe southern honor code demanded that gentlemen act with courtesy and respect.
supremeIt was a supreme honor to receive the award from the President.
doubtfulHe had the doubtful honor of being the first to be trampled by the escaped elephant.
knightlyHis knightly honor compelled him to defend the helpless.
distinctIt was a distinct honor to be invited to speak at the conference.
unexpectedIt was an unexpected honor to be invited to speak at the conference.
lastingHis lasting honor will be remembered throughout the ages.
peculiarThe peculiar honor of being the first to discover a new species was bestowed upon the young scientist.
everlastingHis name will be remembered with everlasting honor
lostThe scandal surrounding the politician led to his lost honor
especialIt was with especial honor that I received the award.
manlyThe man who had lost his manhood sought to regain his manly honor
masculineHe was a man of unwavering masculine honor
profferedWith a proffered honor she accepted the prestigious award.
uniqueThe unique honor bestowed upon her was recognition of her lifetime of service to the arts.
spanishShe showed the Spanish honor of courtesy toward strangers.
woundedThe wounded honor of the knight demanded satisfaction.
injuredHe fought to avenge his injured honor
civilianThe man has won the award due to his civilian honor
extraordinaryIt was an extraordinary honor to be recognized for my contributions.
deservedShe received the deserved honor for her courageous actions.
infiniteIt filled me with infinite honor to meet the President.
tremendousIt was a tremendous honor to be chosen as the recipient of the award.
civicThe mayor received a civic honor for his contributions to the community.
earthlyShe can no longer seek earthly honor

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