Adjectives for Hood

Adjectives For Hood

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hood, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'hood' can take on a multitude of meanings depending on the adjectives that precede it. A 'little hood' may evoke images of a quaint, small protective covering or a diminutive neighborhood, while a 'black hood' could conjure notions of mystery or danger. Similarly, 'red hood' might remind one of the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood, indicating both innocence and peril. The adjective 'laminar' introduces a specific, technical dimension, suggesting a smooth, uninterrupted flow under the hood. Meanwhile, 'riding hood' and 'white hood' can invoke storytelling and historical connotations, from fairy tales to symbols of purity or menace. Each adjective uniquely shades the noun, enriching its narrative. Discover the full range of adjectives linked to 'hood' and their contextual vibrancies below.
littleRed Riding Hood took her little hood and went to visit her grandmother.
blackHe remained in the shadows, his black hood concealing his identity.
redThe red hood hid my face from view.
laminarThe laminar hood provides a sterile environment for biological experiments.
ridingLittle Red Riding hood skipped through the forest.
whiteThe white hood covered her face, concealing her identity.
longThe car has a long hood that slopes down to the front bumper.
selfThe concept of the self is crucial to our understanding of self hood and individuality.
blueThe little boy wore a blue hood to protect him from the rain.
darkShe walked down the street, her dark hood pulled low over her face.
pointedThe cloaked figure's pointed hood cast a shadow over his face.
frenchShe concealed her reddish curls under a french hood
ventilatedThe ventilated hood prevented the smoke from filling the house.
boldThe bold hood of the eagle made it stand out among the other birds.
oralThe oral hood of the snake was black.
nasalThe nasal hood of the horse was covered in dirt.
frontThe heavy rain splashed on the front hood of the car.
falseThe false hood of his story was obvious.
sterileThe sterile hood provides a sterile environment for surgeries and other medical procedures.
scarletThe little girl wore a scarlet hood
greenThe mystical figure wore a long green hood which covered most of their face.
poorThe poor hood was in desperate need of help.
linedThe man wore a lined hood to protect him from the cold.
brownThe monk wore a brown hood over his head.
plasticShe wore a scarf and a plastic hood to protect her face from the cold.
bigThe man wore a big hood to hide his face from the cold wind.
protectiveThe worker wore a protective hood to guard against the toxic fumes.
warmShe put on a warm hood and set out into the cold.
yellowThe girl in the yellow hood skipped through the forest.
deepHe pulled the deep hood over his head to hide his face.
grayThe mysterious figure in the gray hood disappeared into the night.
shapedThis hat has a wide, brimmed top and a distinctive shaped hood
fittingThe knight lowered his fitting hood over his head.
lateThe late hood of the car was crumpled in the accident.
timeThe time hood was a mysterious artifact that allowed the user to travel through time.
greyHe wore a grey hood that partially concealed his face.
peakedThe figure had a peaked hood covering its face.
attachedThe coat I bought has a removable attached hood
likeI prefer to spend my time with people I like hood
efficientThe kitchen's efficient hood kept the air fresh.
dayThe man wore his day hood
woodenThe old wooden hood of the cart creaked and groaned as it rumbled along the cobblestone road.
conicalThe robed figure had a conical hood that concealed their face.
flatThe snake slithered along the flat hood of the old pickup truck.
looseThe figure walked quickly past, their loose hood pulled up over their head.
purpleThe little girl skipped down the street in a purple hood
thickHe pulled the thick hood further over his head.
fumeThe fume hood is used to protect laboratory workers from hazardous fumes.
famousThe boy wore a famous hood over his head to hide his face from the security cameras.
silkenShe wore a silken hood that framed her face beautifully.
livelyThe lively hood of the town depends on the success of the local businesses.
crimsonThe crimson hood struck a vivid contrast with the pale winter landscape.
legendaryAs soon as the legendary hood was placed upon his head, the humble boy was transformed into a mighty warrior.
academicThe academic hood is a symbol of academic achievement.
dorsalThe chameleon's dorsal hood extended back to the base of the tail.
hugeThe hooded figure wore a huge hood that concealed its face.
verticalThe building has a vertical hood to protect the roof from the elements.
colouredThe monk wore a coloured hood over his head.
pinkThe little girl wore a fluffy pink hood
softThe monk wore a brown, soft hood
manThe man hood of the young boy was finally coming in.
ventedThe kitchen had a vented hood above the stove.
transparentThe transparent hood of the car allowed for a clear view of the surroundings.
roundedThe monk wore a rounded hood
furredThe man wore a furred hood to protect himself from the cold.

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