Adjectives for Hop

Adjectives For Hop

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hop, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a hop can significantly alter the perception of an action or event. A 'hip hop' brings to mind cool, rhythmic movements, while a 'next hop' suggests progression in a journey. Describing a movement as a 'short hop' implies a quick, small movement, contrasting with the adventurous leap suggested by a 'single hop'. A 'little hop' evokes a sense of playfulness, and a 'first hop' carries the excitement of an initial attempt or experience. Each adjective unveils a different dimension of the noun, painting a vivid picture of the action. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives aligned with 'hop' and discover the nuances each brings to the narrative.
hipThe up-and-coming hip hop artist wowed the crowd with their energetic performance.
nextThe next hop is to the router with the IP address
shortThe plane made a short hop to the next city.
littleThe little hop over the fence was quick and nimble.
singleThe packet is sent with a single hop to the destination.
firstThe team led after the first hop
longThe bowler delivered a long hop and the batsman smashed it for a six.
stepWe danced the last step hop and skipped out of the bar.
lastThe last hop of the journey was a long and tiring one.
quickThe cat made a quick hop to avoid getting wet.
multiThis multi hop network has been operating for 10 years.
badThe ball took a bad hop and skipped past the infielder.
hippityThe Easter bunny hippity hops all around the world.
mileThe hikers mile hopped along the Appalachian Trail.
lindySarah led the group in a lively lindy hop
bigThe giant rabbit made a big hop over the fence.
wildThe wild hop clung tenaciously to the trellis.
minuteThe minute hop was her first experience with skydiving.
finalThe final hop of the flight was delayed by an hour.
doubleThe double hop over the hurdles was a challenge for the runner.
oneThe kangaroo jumped one hop ahead of its pursuer.
islandWe plan to island hop through the Caribbean on our next vacation.
previousThe previous hop of the packet is
hippetyThe bunny went hippety hop down the lane.
perThe per hop limit was reached, so the packets were dropped.
extraThe batter took an extra hop to reach first base.
betterI better hop on the next flight to catch up with my friends.
jobI've been job hopping for the past few years, which has allowed me to gain experience in various industries.
annualI attended the annual hop last night and had a wonderful time.
mereDespite their mere hop the kangaroos were able to cover great distances quickly.
japaneseThe japanese hop I planted last year has grown quite a lot.
hourThe hour hop is a new dance craze that has taken the world by storm.
longestThe longest hop was from San Francisco to Honolulu.
slightHesitating slightly, she took a slight hop and landed gracefully by the bedside.
easyIt was an easy hop from the airport to the hotel.
leggedThe one-legged hop is a difficult exercise.
briefThe team took a brief hop to the nearby town.
bunnyThe bunny hop is a technique used in basketball to gain speed and agility.
twoThe beer was two hop and very bitter.
intermediateThis new routing option introduces a third-party system as an intermediate hop to perform the requested filtering.
juniorI'm going to the junior hop with my friends.
rockThe children rock hopped across the stream.
starHe watched the star hop and light up beyond the open window.
penultimateThe penultimate hop of the journey was the most challenging.
occasionalHe walked along the street with an occasional hop in his step.
toeThe ballerina gracefully performed a toe hop during the grand finale.
footThe little girl did a foot hop and skipped away.
gonnaI'm gonna hop on a flight to Paris tomorrow.
peculiarThe peculiar hop of the frog was fascinating to watch.
unpoisonedThe unpoisoned hop was a welcome relief to the weary travelers.
atlanticThe Atlantic hop was a long and tiring flight.
goldenThe golden hop danced with the wind, its leaves shimmering like a thousand tiny suns.
countryLet's country hop this weekend and explore the local honky-tonks.
transatlanticThey made the transatlantic hop in three hours.
routineI love my routine hop
forwardPass the ball to your teammate in one fluid motion with a forward hop

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