Adjectives for Hope

Adjectives For Hope

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hope, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to accompany the noun 'hope' can profoundly alter its meaning and impact, highlighting the nuances of human emotions and expectations. Descriptors such as 'only,' 'little,' and 'last' tend to paint a picture of desperation or minimal chances, conveying a sense of fragility. Conversely, adjectives like 'new,' 'best,' and 'much' infuse the idea of hope with vibrancy, strength, and abundance, suggesting a more optimistic outlook. Each adjective shades the concept of hope with unique textures, reflecting the complexity of our desires and aspirations. Dive deeper into how these adjectives modify and transform the essence of hope in our extensive list below.
onlyMy only hope is that he will come back.
littleThere was little hope of finding the lost child alive.
lastHe was her last hope for salvation.
bestOur best hope is that the new treatment will be effective.
muchHe speaks with much hope in his voice.
greatShe carried herself with great hope and determination.
forlornThe soldiers were sent into the battlefield with a forlorn hope of victory.
vainThe car was a vain hope for an easy escape.
moreAs a result, we have more hope for the future.
faintI clung to the faint hope that I would see him again.
realShe held onto real hope that someday she would see her family again.
falseHe clung to false hope that she would change her mind.
christianIn the midst of life's challenges, we find solace and strength in our christian hope
reasonableA reasonable hope exists for a peaceful resolution.
vagueWe had a vague hope that the future would bring better times.
fondDespite the difficulties, she held on to the fond hope that she would succeed.
earnestWe can only continue our journey toward the future with the earnest hope of our enduring humanity.
messianicThe messianic hope is the belief in a future savior who will deliver the people from their suffering.
blessedWe eagerly wait for the blessed hope and the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ.
futureThe children, future hopes of their parents, played happily in the park.
betterSometimes better hope is the surest symptom of a long life.
piousHe had a pious hope that his sin would be forgiven.
confidentShe held fast to a confident hope that things would improve.
secretI have a secret hope that everything will turn out for the best.
sincereMay your sincere hope bear fruit in abundance.
desperateHe watched her leave, a desperate hope clinging to his heart.
ferventThe boy yearns for the day when his father comes home with fervent hope
freshEmbarking on the arduous journey, they clung to fresh hope like a beacon guiding them through the treacherous path.
wildShe clung to the wild hope that she would find her way back home.
slightestThere was no sign of her, not the slightest hope of finding her.
soleThe orphan's sole hope rested in the kindness of strangers.
chiefHer chief hope was that his son would grow up to be a good man.
lessThere was less hope for a recovery than ever before.
brightThe bright hope for the future kept him going during the dark times.
leastThe least hope flickered in his eyes, but it was quickly extinguished by despair.
livelyThe lively hope that sustains us through difficult times.
realisticI have a realistic hope that everything will be alright.
ultimateThe ultimate hope is that we can all find peace and happiness.
eschatologicalThe eschatological hope of redemption sustained them through their trials.
eternalFrom the depths of despair, eternal hope blooms like an unyielding flower.
sweetSweet hope filled her heart with warmth and anticipation.
suddenThe sudden hope that surged through them gave them the strength to carry on.
gloriousThe soul's glorious hope is the resurrection of the body.
sanguineHe was filled with a sanguine hope for the future.
firmTheir firm hope was that the storm would pass quickly.
distantShe clung to the distant hope that he would return.
joyfulHer joyful hope instilled in me a sense of peace and happiness.
humbleThe humble hope kept her going through her journey.
delusiveShe continued to cling to the delusive hope that he would return.
lingeringDespite the setbacks, a lingering hope remained.
earthlyShe entered it with an earthly hope
rationalWe must have rational hope for a better future.
fondestHer fondest hope was to see her children succeed.
faintestThey held on to the faintest hope that their loved one would be found alive.
pleasingThe pleasing hope of a brighter future kept her spirits high.
eagerWith eager hope she waited for the news to come.
assuredThe assured hope of a better tomorrow kept us going.
disappointedHis disappointed hope left him feeling disheartened and dejected.
slimShe clung to the slim hope that he would return.

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