Adjectives for Hopes

Adjectives For Hopes

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hopes, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'hopes' can evoke a myriad of emotions, significantly influenced by the adjectives that precede it. Using 'high' or 'great' amplifies expectations, painting a picture of optimism and anticipation. Conversely, 'false' or 'sanguine' introduces a sense of unrealistic expectation or misplaced confidence, hinting at the potential for disappointment. Understanding these nuances is crucial in articulating the precise shade of hope being discussed. Each adjective, from 'such' to 'highest', colors the noun in unique ways, revealing the depth of human aspiration and resilience. Dive into the full list of adjectives to explore the complexities and subtleties they bring to 'hopes'.
highI have high hopes for the future.
greatShe went into the competition with great hopes
suchI had such hopes for the future.
falseHis false hopes kept him going despite the odds.
sanguineHe began his new endeavor with sanguine hopes of success.
highestI wish you all the highest hopes for your future.
vainHe clung to vain hopes even as the reality of his situation became increasingly apparent.
brightShe looked to the future with bright hopes
bestI offer you my best hopes for a speedy recovery.
strongI have strong hopes that everything will turn out well.
futureI couldn't help but wonder about my future hopes and dreams.
fondHe cherished fond hopes of winning the lottery.
fondestShe cherished the fondest hopes for her future.
disappointedHer heart sank with disappointed hopes
betterWe should always keep better hopes for better things.
ambitiousMaria had ambitious hopes of becoming a professional ballerina.
vagueMy vague hopes were never destined to be fulfilled.
greatestWe have the greatest hopes for a brighter and more peaceful future.
faintHe clung to faint hopes of a recovery.
extravagantShe had extravagant hopes of becoming a famous actress.
freshWe started the new year with fresh hopes
wildestThere was a point, not so long ago, when this scenario seemed to exist only in our wildest hopes
brightestThe child's brightest hopes were for a future filled with endless possibilities.
forlornThe soldier clung to forlorn hopes that he would survive the battle.
earthlyThe poet clung to earthly hopes despite the ominous signs.
dearestI live with my dearest hopes close to my heart.
piousHis pious hopes were dashed when his lottery ticket turned out to be a loser.
secretHe harboured secret hopes of winning the lottery.
wildThe students ran with wild hopes of victory.
reasonableThe budget proposal offered reasonable hopes for economic recovery.
messianicThe messianic hopes of the people were dashed when the Messiah failed to arrive.
blightedThe blighted hopes of the once-promising investment lay heavy on his heart.
fairWe have fair hopes for a positive outcome.
ardentDespite her ardent hopes she did not get the job.
flatteringShe had been living in flattering hopes until she got the rejection letter.
blastedHer blasted hopes left her feeling devastated.
exaggeratedThe lottery winner had exaggerated hopes of never having to work again.
frustratedThe frustrated hopes lay heavy on his heart.
deadThe weight of his dead hopes crushed him.
shatteredHer heart sank as her shattered hopes crumbled into dust.
unrealisticHer unrealistic hopes for a perfect wedding day were soon dashed.
optimisticMy optimistic hopes carried me through the difficult times.
confidentThe president voiced confident hopes for a peaceful resolution to the border crisis.
utopianThe utopia's ideals inspired utopian hopes in people all over the world.
brilliantHer brilliant hopes soared high, painting the future with vibrant hues.
youthfulBeing optimistic is essential as youthful hopes are apt to fade.
unfulfilledThe weight of her unfulfilled hopes brought her down.
brokenHe was filled with broken hopes and shattered dreams.
worldlyMy worldly hopes were dashed when I lost my job.
gloriousThey held on to their glorious hopes despite the challenges they faced.
fairestWe entertained the fairest hopes for his ultimate recovery.
revolutionaryAs the revolution sparked, the people clung to their revolutionary hopes
goldenMy heart is filled with golden hopes for the future.
eagerShe clung to eager hopes for a brighter future.
loftyThe students' lofty hopes for the future were apparent in their earnest efforts.
deepestMy deepest hopes are that all children have access to quality education.
sweetMy sweet hopes turned into bitter reality.
foolishSome individuals cling onto foolish hopes despite the low probability of their aspirations materializing.
cherishedThe elderly couple clung to their cherished hopes of seeing their children again one day.
ferventShe expressed her fervent hopes for a brighter future.

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