Adjectives for Hopkins

Adjectives For Hopkins

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hopkins, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The noun 'Hopkins' gains diverse nuances when paired with different adjectives, painting a vivid picture of context, era, or characteristics. For example, 'late Hopkins' evokes a sense of nostalgia or remembrance, suggesting a figure or entity no longer present. 'Old Hopkins' can imply a historic or traditional aspect, offering respect for longevity or wisdom. Conversely, 'young Hopkins' introduces a fresh, perhaps inexperienced perspective. 'Presidential Hopkins' adds a layer of authority or leadership, while 'poor Hopkins' hints at a struggle or a lack of resources. 'Little Hopkins' might denote endearment or small stature, adding a personal touch. Each adjective unlocks a unique aspect of Hopkins, capturing a specific essence. Discover the full spectrum of nuances by exploring our comprehensive list of adjectives below.
lateThere is a late hopkins coming by this Thursday.
oldOld hopkins watched gleefully as his latest victim ran screaming through the woods.
youngYoung hopkins was a promising student.
presidentialPresidential hopkins elevated the political debate.
poorPoor hopkins was left alone in the dark.
littleLittle hopkins skipped along the path, his laughter carried by the wind.
earlyEarly hopkins loved to play piano.
famousThe famous hopkins painting depicts a sphere with triangles and circles on its surface
huntingtonHuntington hopkins was a pioneer in the field of medicine.
formerThe former hopkins student was excited to attend her alma mater's reunion.
strongBrenda's coffee shop has strong hopkins
affectionateAffectionate hopkins gazed at the sunset with a heart full of longing.
americanAmerican hopkins was a renowned actor and director known for his intense and transformative performances.
celebratedThe citizens celebrated Hopkins' birthday with a grand parade.
jesuitJesuit hopkins was an early Jesuit missionary to the Lenape Native American people.
britishBritish hopkins is a small town in Missouri known for its annual cheese festival.
scottScott hopkins has been a part of NASA Aerospace since 1984.
dearDear hopkins I am writing to you today to express my sincere gratitude for your recent donation to our organization.
clevelandI flew from Cleveland hopkins International Airport to Denver International Airport.
rangoonRangoon hopkins took the opportunity to try to escape.
everardEverard hopkins was a successful businessman and philanthropist.
infamousInfamous hopkins was a notorious criminal whose exploits became the stuff of legend.
venerableVenerable hopkins was a poet, priest, and Jesuit.
youngerThe younger hopkins lacked the strength to resist the call of the sea.
notoriousNotorious hopkins was a renowned outlaw known for his daring robberies and quick getaways.
demureDemure hopkins gazed upon the grand spectacle with awe.
dubiousThe dubious hopkins was questioned by the police.
victorianThe Victorian hopkins wasted no time in getting down to business.
nearbyThe nearby hopkins hospital is one of the best in the country.
wardWard hopkins directed Elizabeth Taylor in 'Giant'.
scattScatt hopkins was a famous tap dancer.
renownedThe renowned hopkins has composed numerous musical symphonies.
belovedHe was a beloved hopkins among his teachings in the city.
faithfulFaithful hopkins was a devoted servant to his master.
oppositeThe opposite hopkins is a quiet person who prefers to stay home and read.
comoMe gusta el sandboarding, pero no como hopkins
kindheartedKindhearted hopkins helped his neighbors with their chores.
saintlySaintly hopkins was a revered figure in the community.
laterLater hopkins found another fiddle, a gift from a reluctant admirer.
contemporaryThe contemporary hopkins is a style of music that incorporates elements of hip hop and soul.
benevolentBenevolent hopkins proved to be a soothing companion during my difficult time.
agedThe aged hopkins found solace in the tranquil garden.
gallantThe valiant runner, gallant hopkins blazed past the competition, leaving them in his wake.
energeticThe energetic hopkins pranced around the room, their exuberance radiating throughout the space.
purePure hopkins is a very rare and valuable metal.
youthfulThe youthful hopkins hopped over the fence.
livelyThe lively hopkins hopped on the fence.
fellowMy fellow hopkins I am honored to be here tonight to celebrate our accomplishments.
unfortunateUnfortunate hopkins surveyed the wreckage of his ill-fated attempt.
dearestDearest hopkins I am sending you my latest work, and I hope you will enjoy it.
barrymoreBarrymore hopkins was an American actor.
africanAfrican hopkins has recently become a popular new trend in music.
latestI read the latest hopkins book.
dauntlessWith dauntless hopkins he trod the middle way.
frailThe frail hopkins that seemed to shiver with age, now stands as a testament to the enduring strength of nature.
purerThe purer hopkins made the beer taste better.
coulombCoulomb hopkins was a frontiersman who lived in Kentucky during the 18th century.

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