Adjectives for Hose

Adjectives For Hose

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hose, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a hose can significantly impact the perception of its utility and appearance. A flexible hose suggests ease of use and adaptability, ideal for gardens or spaces requiring maneuverability. A long hose, on the other hand, denotes reach and is perfect for large outdoor areas. The color also plays a vital role; a black hose absorbs heat, potentially affecting water temperature, whereas a white hose might blend in with certain exteriors. Furthermore, the age or inch specification can imply durability or suitability for specific tasks. Explore the full range of adjectives to uncover the perfect hose for your needs.
flexibleThe flexible hose connected the faucet to the washing machine.
longThe long hose was used to water the garden.
blackThe teacher wore black hose under her skirt.
inchI connected the inch hose to the faucet.
whiteThe white hose was shining in the sun.
oldThe old hose was lying in the yard.
pressureI used the pressure hose to clean the patio.
silkenHer silken hose shimmered under the dim lights of the ballroom.
plasticThe plastic hose stretched across the yard.
upperThe upper hose leaked water all over the basement.
fireThe firefighters used a fire hose to extinguish the flames.
shortThe firefighter used a short hose to extinguish the flames.
redThe woman wore elegant red hose to the party.
greenThe green hose stretched across the yard, watering the thirsty grass.
hydraulic Inspect the hydraulic hose for any leaks or visible damage.
lowerThe mechanic replaced the lower hose on my car.
elasticThe nurse put on the patient's elastic hose
tightThe tight hose was too uncomfortable to wear all day.
youthfulThe youthful hose were a testament to her vibrancy.
heavyThe heavy hose snaked across the lawn.
cleanerThe cleaner hose was long enough to reach all the hard-to-clean areas.
sheerHe wore a suit and tie, while she wore a cocktail dress with sheer hose
thickHe used a thick hose to water his lawn.
ordinaryThe ordinary hose was used to water the plants.
scarletThe brave knight wore scarlet hose under his armor.
worstedThe worsted hose protected his feet from the cold.
blueThe fire hydrant was painted with blue hose
coloredHis leg was broken and he had to wear a colored hose
roundThe round hose was used to connect the two pipes.
yellowThe yellow hose was coiled neatly in the corner.
linedShe wore some fancy black fishnet lined hose with lace ruffles.
fittingThe plumber used a fitting hose to connect the sink to the water supply.
bigThe firefighter used a big hose to put out the fire.
darkThe dark hose snaked its way around the corner.
colouredShe looked fashionable in her new coloured hose
topCheck the top hose for leaks.
halfHe wore half hose with his loafers.
frenchThe antique french hose was perfect for the period-piece costume.
clearThe gardener used a clear hose to water the plants.
footThe hiker put on his foot hose before setting off on the trail.
diameterThe diameter hose was too large to fit through the hole.
coiledThe coiled hose lay in the grass, ready to be used to water the lawn.
fashionedShe pulled some scarlet silk fashioned hose from her bag.
bootThe boot hose protected his leg from the cold.
thinThe thin hose was snaking through the grass.
corrugatedThe corrugated hose allowed for easy bending without kinking.
standardThe standard hose is used to connect the water source to the sprinkler system.
leakyThe leaky hose trickled water onto the parched grass.
cleanThe clean hose laid on the freshly cut grass.
freshThe gardener watered the plants with the fresh hose
extraThe extra hose was coiled up in the garage.
stripedMy legs are warm with striped hose
brownThe hunter wore brown hose as he trekked through the forest.
braidedThe braided hose was too short to reach the faucet.
grayHer long gray hose disappeared into the water with a splash.
seamlessShe wore seamless hose around the house.
knitMy grandmother used to knit hose for all the children in the family.
enoughThe plumber had enough hose to reach the faucet.
unlinedThe unlined hose leaked water everywhere.
ribbedShe wore ribbed hose with her dress.
fishnetShe wore black leather pumps with a pair of fishnet hose
brokenThe broken hose was spraying water all over the yard.
smallerThe smaller hose was cheaper than the larger one.
rearThe rear hose on the washing machine started leaking.
looseThe loose hose was spraying water everywhere.
frontThe front hose was spraying water all over the yard.
lengthThe length hose was used to water the plants in the garden.
leathernJack loves wearing his leathern hose
wetThe wet hose coiled on the ground.
softThe gardener attached a soft hose to the faucet.
hugeThe firefighter extinguished the flames with a huge hose

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