Adjectives for Host

Adjectives For Host

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing host, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with the noun 'host' can subtly or profoundly change the meaning of a sentence. Whether it's 'whole host,' implying entirety and vastness, 'intermediate host,' suggesting a temporary or transitory nature, or 'heavenly host,' evoking divinity and transcendence, each combination opens up a universe of narrative possibilities. The addition of adjectives like 'graft' or 'mine' can introduce concepts of belonging or conflict, while 'versus' sets the stage for opposition or competition. With the right adjective, 'host' can encompass a range of scenarios, emotions, and contexts, inviting readers into a more nuanced understanding of text. Explore our comprehensive list below to see the full spectrum of adjectives that bring 'host' to life in uniquely expressive ways.
wholeWe have a whole host of options for you to choose from.
intermediateThe intermediate host for the parasite is a snail.
versusThe new drug was found to be effective against the virus versus host cells.
graftThe graft host junction is the site of the immune response that leads to rejection.
mineMine host greeted us with a hearty welcome.
heavenlyThe heavenly host sang a chorus of angels.
remoteI can't connect to the remote host
humanThe parasite needs a human host in order to survive.
mightyThe mighty host of angels descended from heaven.
localI can't reach the local host
naturalHumans are the natural host for the common cold virus.
immunocompromisedPatients with immunocompromised hosts are highly susceptible to infection.
susceptibleThe susceptible host was unable to fight off the infection.
singleThe application runs on a single host
vertebrateThe parasite inhabits the digestive tract of vertebrate hosts.
graciousThe gracious host welcomed the guests with open arms.
infectedThe infected host was coughing and sneezing, spreading the virus to others.
vastA vast host of angels appeared before him.
consecratedThe consecrated host was placed on the altar during Mass.
normalThe normal host is not available.
genialI had a wonderful time thanks to my genial host
perfectJohn was the perfect host and made everyone feel welcome.
angelicThe heavenly light of the angelic host shone down upon the humble congregation.
finalThe final host of the parasite is the bird.
generousThe generous host offered us a delicious meal.
suitableThe algorithm requires a suitable host to run.
showThe show host interviewed the talented singer on the latest episode.
mobileThe mobile host automatically connected to the Wi-Fi network.
innumerableThe innumerable host of stars twinkled like diamonds in the night sky.
primaryThe primary host for the virus is the human body.
virtualThe virtual host allows multiple websites to be hosted on a single server.
countlessCountless host of people came to the concert.
mammalianThe virus is transmitted via the bite of an infected mammalian host
worthyThe innkeeper proved to be a worthy host providing us with food, shelter, and entertainment.
numerousThe numerous host of attendees were all excited to hear the keynote speaker.
hospitableThe hospitable host offered refreshments to the unexpected guests.
alternateThe fungus that causes wheat rust has an alternate host in the barberry bush.
nonThe non host provided a generous donation to the charity.
christianThe Christian host welcomed the pilgrims with open arms.
persianThe Persian host was defeated at the Battle of Thermopylae.
sacredThe priest held the sacred host aloft.
invadingThe invading host was met with fierce resistance.
bacterialA bacterial host is a cell or organism that has been infected by bacteria.
excellentHe was an excellent host making sure that everyone felt welcome and comfortable.
charmingThe charming host welcomed the guests with open arms.
parasiteA parasitic fungus was discovered to have a specific parasitoid fly as its parasite host
nobleThe noble host greeted his guests with open arms and a warm smile.
armedThe armed host stood ready to defend the castle.
royalThe royal host greeted the guests with a lavish banquet.
starryThe starry host shone brightly above the sleeping town.
immenseThe immense host of cavalry charged through the gates.
secondaryThe secondary host for the parasite is a snail.
formidableThe formidable host welcomed the guests with open arms.
immunocompetentThe immunocompetent host is able to clear the infection.
invertebrateThe parasitic fly has an invertebrate host
intermediaryThe worm is an intermediary host for the parasite.
courteousMy courteous host showed me to my room.
tumorThe tumor host is a complex and dynamic system that includes the tumor itself, the surrounding stroma, and the immune system.
compromisedThe compromised host was isolated from the network to prevent further damage.
motleyThe motley host of carnival performers filled the streets with color and noise.
animalThe animal host carried the parasite for several weeks.
friendlyThe friendly host greeted us with a warm smile.
immunosuppressedThe immunosuppressed host is susceptible to a wide range of infections.
preferredThe preferred host for the parasite is the human liver.

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