Adjectives for Hostel

Adjectives For Hostel

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hostel, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe a hostel can profoundly influence the perception of potential guests. A new hostel invokes images of pristine facilities and modern amenities, while a small hostel might offer a cozy, intimate setting. The allure of the first hostel in a city can draw visitors interested in pioneering experiences. Conversely, an old hostel might appeal to those who value history and charm over modernity. Describing a hostel as local can imbue a sense of community and authenticity. A large hostel, on the other hand, might suggest a bustling, social atmosphere. Each adjective adds a layer of nuance, shaping expectations and desires. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with hostels below.
newI'm planning on visiting the new hostel downtown.
smallThere were many small hostels along the beach.
firstI stayed in a first hostel in my first trip to Europe
oldI lived in an old hostel when I was a student.
localI stayed at a local hostel near the beach.
largeI booked a room in the large hostel
littleThe little hostel was nestled in the heart of the bustling city.
sameI stayed in the same hostel as many of my old school friends.
goodI stayed in a good hostel last night.
residentialI stayed at a residential hostel during my trip to London.
onlyI only hostel with friends.
nearbyShe stayed at that nearby hostel for two nights.
bedI stayed at a bed hostel in London.
comfortableI stayed at a comfortable hostel when I visited Paris.
specialThere is a special hostel for young people in the heart of the city.
privateThe private hostel had a homely atmosphere.
modernThe modern hostel offered comfortable and stylish accommodations for travelers.
separateThe university provides a separate hostel for boys and girls.
officialThe official hostel is located near the university campus.
runI'm looking for a clean and affordable run hostel in the city center.
migrantThe migrant hostel is located on the outskirts of the city.
excellentThe excellent hostel provided a comfortable and affordable stay.
cleanI enjoyed staying at the clean hostel
obsoleteThe obsolete hostel's decrepit walls stood as a testament to its forgotten past.
ancientThe ancient hostel was filled with the sound of laughter and conversation.
freeI stayed at a free hostel in Barcelona.
formerThe former hostel is now a thriving community center.
youthThe youth hostel was a great place to stay during my trip to Europe.
nearestThe nearest hostel is just a few blocks away.
friendlyI stayed at a friendly hostel last night.
temporaryThe temporary hostel provided a convenient and affordable place to stay for short-term visitors.
popularThe popular hostel was a great place to meet fellow travelers.
independentI stayed at an independent hostel that was just around the corner from the city center.
pleasantI stayed in a very pleasant hostel during my vacation.
bigI'm staying at a big hostel in the city center.
christianThe christian hostel was located in the heart of the city.
simpleThe simple hostel offered a friendly atmosphere and clean rooms.
internationalI stayed at an international hostel in London where I met people from all over the world.
immigrantThe volunteers helped at the immigrant hostel
basicI stayed in a basic hostel with just the necessities.
fineI'm looking for a fine hostel in the city center.
psychiatricAfter his release from the psychiatric hospital, he moved into a psychiatric hostel
harijanI have booked a room in the harijan hostel
mentalThe mental hostel was a place where people could go to get help with their mental health issues.
famousI stayed at a famous hostel in London.
homelessThe homeless hostel was a new initiative to help people who had lost their homes.
femaleShe is a resident of the female hostel
russianI stayed in a russian hostel during my trip to Moscow.
styleI stayed at a style hostel in Paris and it was great.
largestI stayed at the largest hostel in the world last night.
idealThe ideal hostel is located in a central area with easy access to public transportation.
humbleThe humble hostel offered basic accommodations at an affordable price.
decentI stayed at a decent hostel in the heart of the city.
backpackersThe backpackers hostel was a great place to meet other travelers.
quietI spent a few nights in a quiet hostel near the beach.
approvedThe approved hostel is located near the university.
neighbouringThe neighbouring hostel was noisy and crowded.
lonelyThe lonely hostel stood desolate and empty, its walls echoing with the silence of solitude.
modestI booked a modest hostel for my trip to save money.
wayI stayed at a way hostel in Bangkok.
careThe care hostel provides a safe and supportive environment for elderly residents.
suitableI found a suitable hostel for my stay in the city.
staffedThe large school is staffed hostel and dormitory.
tinyThe tiny hostel was nestled in a narrow alleyway.
hugeI'm staying at a huge hostel with people from all over the world.
permanentThe permanent hostel was very popular with the travelers.
spaciousThe spacious hostel offered comfortable rooms for travelers.
storyI spent last night at a story hostel where each room has a different theme and tells a unique tale.
uniqueI stayed at a unique hostel in Barcelona that had a rooftop terrace and a communal kitchen.
inexpensiveI stayed in an inexpensive hostel in the city center.
equippedI stayed at an equipped hostel during my trip.

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