Adjectives for Hostels

Adjectives For Hostels

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hostels, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe hostels can significantly affect the perception of potential visitors. Words like many and several hint at the vast choices available, painting an image of variety and abundance. Youth hostels, on the other hand, evoke a sense of vibrancy and camaraderie, appealing to younger travelers seeking connections. Descriptors such as new promise modern amenities and up-to-date facilities, while most and such can underscore the exceptional quality or unique characteristics of certain accommodations. Each adjective unlocks a different shade of meaning, guiding travelers towards the hostel experience they desire. Dive deeper into our complete list of adjectives used with hostels to discover the full spectrum of possibilities.
manyThere are many hostels in the city.
youthThe youth hostels were full of backpackers and travelers.
suchI've never stayed in such hostels before.
mostMost hostels are located in central areas of the city.
newI'm looking forward to seeing the new hostels in town.
severalI've stayed at several hostels in the city center.
moreThere are more hostels in this area.
smallThe small hostels were cozy and inviting.
separateBoys and girls were provided separate hostels
specialThere are special hostels for senior citizens.
residentialThe university provides residential hostels for students coming from out of town.
fewI am sorry, I cannot travel because there are few hostels available and I do not want to stay in a hotel.
localThe local hostels were full of backpackers from all over the world.
largeBackpackers often stay in large hostels to save money.
migrantMigrant hostels provided temporary accommodation for workers and their families.
privateThe private hostels are a great option for those who want to stay in a safe and comfortable environment.
variousI stayed in various hostels during my trip to Europe.
independentI stayed in independent hostels on my trip to Europe.
cheapThe budget traveler opted to stay in cheap hostels
freeThere are a few free hostels in the city center.
officialThe official hostels are located in the city center.
smallerMany smaller hostels will also provide breakfast as part of the deal.
urbanThe urban hostels were bustling with activity as travelers from all over the world mingled and shared stories.
temporaryThe visitors stayed in temporary hostels during their trip.
voluntaryMany hikers stay in voluntary hostels throughout their journey.
numerousThere are numerous hostels in the city center.
maleMale hostels often provide shared living spaces, common kitchens, and social areas.
mixedThe mixed hostels are popular with budget travelers.
inexpensiveInexpensive hostels are a great way to save money on your travels.
subsidisedInternational students can apply for subsidised hostels through their universities.
largerI'll be staying in one of the larger hostels during my trip.
germanThe german hostels are known for their friendly staff and clean rooms.
approvedI'll be staying at one of the approved hostels near the university.
municipalThere are several municipal hostels in the city center.
homelessMany homeless hostels are struggling to cope with the rising number of people sleeping rough.
ruralRural hostels are a great way to explore beautiful, unspoiled areas.
builtThere are many built hostels in major cities.
communalWe stayed in communal hostels during our travels through Europe.
affiliatedThe International Youth Hostel Federation has over 4,000 affiliated hostels in more than 90 countries.
comfortableWe stayed in comfortable hostels that were more like hotels than hostels.
probationThe young offenders were supervised at probation hostels and attended sessions to help them develop skills for independent living
christianI stayed in several christian hostels during my travels.
overcrowdedThe overcrowded hostels were teeming with backpackers.
suitableI stayed in one of the suitable hostels in central London.
elderElder hostels provide opportunities for seniors to travel and learn in a group setting.
respectiveStudents from different universities were accommodated in their respective hostels
aidedSome homeless people live in aided hostels for the homeless.
femaleStudents live in female hostels
supervisedThe students spent their stay in supervised hostels
excellentI stayed in excellent hostels during my backpacking trip.
denominationalStudents can live in denominational hostels which adhere to the regulations of their respective religious denominations.
tribalThe tribal hostels provided accommodation to the students belonging to the tribal community.
cosmopolitanThe cosmopolitan hostels were filled with people from all walks of life.
nearbyThere are several nearby hostels for affordable accommodations.
likeI like hostels because they're a great way to meet new people.
colonialDuring the colonial period, travelers often stayed in colonial hostels which were built and maintained by the government.
permanentThe city council has voted to build permanent hostels for the city's homeless population.
crowdedForeign travelers usually stayed in crowded hostels
hugeThere are several huge hostels in this city that cater to backpackers and budget travelers.
monasticThe monastic hostels offered simple accommodations for pilgrims and travelers.

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