Adjectives for Hosts

Adjectives For Hosts

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hosts, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The seemingly ordinary noun 'hosts' can acquire a multitude of nuances when paired with the right adjectives, turning it into a powerful descriptor in both written and spoken language. From 'intermediate hosts', which carries a hint of transition and temporality, to 'different hosts', highlighting diversity or variation. 'Heavenly hosts' evokes a sense of divinity and purity, while 'natural hosts' grounds us in the world of the inherent and intrinsic. The term 'immunocompromised hosts' brings a layer of specificity and vulnerability, contrasting with 'definitive hosts' that suggests finality and completeness. Each adjective layers an additional dimension of meaning, painting a more vivid picture of the noun in context. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'hosts' below, each with its unique shade of significance.
intermediateSnails and aquatic plants are intermediate hosts of a worm that causes a disease in humans.
differentThe different hosts of the show were entertaining and engaging.
heavenlyThe heavenly hosts descended from the sky with a chorus of angelic voices.
naturalWild animals are natural hosts to many viruses.
immunocompromisedImmunocompromised hosts are more susceptible to opportunistic infections.
susceptiblePregnant women, the elderly, and infants with asthma are susceptible hosts to respiratory viruses.
normalThe normal hosts are friendly and welcoming.
angelicThe angelic hosts rejoiced at the birth of the Savior.
infectedThe virus spread rapidly through the infected hosts
remoteThe hackers gained access to the network by exploiting vulnerabilities in the remote hosts
multipleThe virus spreads by infecting multiple hosts
alternateThe virus has alternate hosts such as birds and pigs.
virtualApache uses virtual hosts to host multiple websites on a single server.
mammalianThe viruses spread among mammalian hosts during the Pleistocene era.
suitableThe researchers identified suitable hosts for the virus.
countlessCountless hosts of angels eagerly await the judgment day.
graciousWe are so grateful to our gracious hosts for their hospitality.
mobileMobile hosts are devices that can be moved from one location to another while maintaining network connectivity.
showThe show hosts were very entertaining.
individualExperts recommend using individual hosts for each application.
immunocompetentInfluenza viruses undergo antigenic drift, allowing them to evade recognition by immunocompetent hosts and establish new infections.
innumerableUpon the grassy plain appeared innumerable hosts of horsemen, their armor gleaming in the sunlight.
mightyThe mighty hosts of heaven clashed in a celestial battle.
alternativeThe disease may use alternative hosts to survive.
chineseOne of the chinese hosts was very kind.
armedThe armed hosts marched into the kingdom.
primaryAphids are the primary hosts for many plant viruses.
invertebrateParasitic castrating barnacles have invertebrate hosts
generousWe were so grateful for our generous hosts who provided us with a delicious meal and comfortable lodgings.
secondarySecondary hosts may be required to complete the life cycle of this organism.
vastVast hosts of angels marched across the heavenly plain.
internalThe application has a few internal hosts
respectivePlants and animals depend on their respective hosts for survival.
bacterialThe researchers investigated the effects of different antibiotics on bacterial hosts
invadingThe invading hosts were repelled by the valiant defenders.
paratenicThe parasite can use paratenic hosts as a means of transport to definitive hosts.
starryThe starry hosts blinked down upon the sleeping world.
numerousJohn went to the parade which had numerous hosts
rodentScientists have discovered a new virus that is carried by rodent hosts
japaneseThe Japanese hosts were very friendly and welcoming.
hospitableThe hospitable hosts welcomed us with open arms.
principalThe primary targets or usual carriers of a disease are referred to as its principal hosts
spiritualThe believers gathered together to worship with their spiritual hosts
experimentalThe experimental hosts were subjected to a variety of tests.
russianThe russian hosts welcomed us with open arms.
embattledThe embattled hosts clashed in a desperate struggle for supremacy.
celestialThe celestial hosts sang the praises of the newborn king.
avianAvian hosts are susceptible to a variety of infectious diseases that can be transmitted to humans.
immunosuppressedImmunosuppressed hosts such as those who undergo organ transplants, are at high risk for developing CMV infections.
friendlyWe enjoyed our stay with the friendly hosts
consecratedThe consecrated hosts were placed on the altar.
intermediaryMalaria parasites use mosquitoes as intermediary hosts
onlineHe enjoys chatting with online hosts when he gets lonely.
sovietThe Soviet hosts were very welcoming.
preferredThe preferred hosts of the parasite are humans and non-human primates.
persianThe persian hosts greeted their guests with warm smiles and open arms.

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