Adjectives for Hotels

Adjectives For Hotels

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hotels, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe hotels can drastically alter the perception of the accommodation. From many hotels offering a variety of amenities, to several hotels that cater to budget-friendly travelers, each adjective brings a new layer of understanding. Whether you're referring to the most luxurious establishments, highlighting the spaciousness of large hotels, discussing the best service available, or the excitement of staying in the new hotels on the block, every word paints a unique picture. Dive into the full scope of our carefully curated list of adjectives to discover the perfect way to describe your next hotel experience.
manyThere are many hotels in the city.
severalI have booked rooms in several hotels
mostMost hotels offer free wifi.
largeThe city has many large hotels
bestThe best hotels in the city are located in the downtown area.
newIf you're looking for new hotels to stay, you're in luck.
bigThe big hotels are in the center of the city.
smallI prefer small hotels to large resorts.
goodThere are many good hotels here.
majorThe city has a number of major hotels
fewThere are few hotels in this town.
classThe hotel offers superior facilities and services that will make your stay a memorable one, including luxurious rooms, a world-class spa, and fine dining in our class hotels
starThe city boasts of many star hotels
expensiveThey stayed in expensive hotels during their vacation
modernVacationers prefer the amenities of modern hotels
largerSome of the larger hotels in the city have more than 500 rooms.
localMany local hotels offer discounts for long-term stays.
principalThe principal hotels of this city are on the main street.
fineI'm thinking about staying at one of the fine hotels in the area.
betterI would rather stay in better hotels
grandThe grandeur of the grand hotels in the city was breathtaking.
luxuriousHave you ever stayed at one of those luxurious hotels?
finestThe luxurious ambiance of the finest hotels is truly breathtaking.
smallerThe smaller hotels in the city offer more personalized service.
excellentThe city offers excellent hotels for tourists.
internationalI stayed in many international hotels during my travels.
numerousNumerous hotels are located in the downtown area.
comfortableWe stayed in comfortable hotels throughout our trip.
topThe top hotels offer luxurious amenities and impeccable service.
largestThe largest hotels in the world are located in Dubai and China.
fashionableThe trendy traveler can easily find fashionable hotels in the city center.
residentialMost residential hotels provided rooms that were clean and cheap.
europeanEuropean hotels offer a variety of amenities and services to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.
riseI've stayed at many Rise hotels and they always provide excellent service.
elegantWe stayed at one of the most elegant hotels in the city.
inexpensiveThere are many inexpensive hotels in the area.
styleThe style hotels are very popular among young people.
older"The city guide also showed the older hotels".
fancyThe celebrities stayed in fancy hotels during their trip.
nearbyThere are many nearby hotels that are close to the beach.
hugeThere are two huge hotels and several tall office buildings.
famousI stayed at one of the most famous hotels in the city.
ownedThe company owned hotels in several major cities.
pricedThere are several highly priced hotels in the downtown area.
newerThe newer hotels in the area are more modern and have better amenities.
magnificentThe city boasts several magnificent hotels
endEnd hotels shut down across the city, and the normally packed club district was completely empty.
poshThe couple honeymooned in the lap of luxury at London's most posh hotels
exclusiveYou can book exclusive hotels with exceptional amenities through online travel agencies.
niceI'd like to spend my nights at nice hotels
palatialThe city is home to a number of palatial hotels
upscaleTourists can stay at upscale hotels near the beach.
splendidThe city is brimming with splendid hotels each offering a unique experience.
smartI'm excited to stay in one of the new smart hotels
decentI'm looking for decent hotels in the area.
upmarketThere are many upmarket hotels in the city, such as the Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons.
oldestWe wandered around the oldest hotels of the town.
runThe experienced staff run hotels in several countries.
biggerThe bigger hotels in this neighborhood are charging more than $200 per night.
downtownThe entire downtown area and surrounding areas are filled with many downtown hotels
swissThe Swiss hotels offer a wide variety of amenities and services to their guests.
cheapestThe cheapest hotels are often located in less desirable areas.
biggestThe biggest hotels in many cities are luxurious and comfortable.

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