Adjectives for Hour

Adjectives For Hour

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hour, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'hour' conveys more than just a measure of time; it encapsulates moments that define our experiences. The precise adjective preceding 'hour' can paint a completely different picture, imbuing a sentence with anticipation, reflection, or urgency. A 'first hour' whispers of beginnings and fresh starts, while a 'last hour' might hint at endings or the closing of a chapter. 'Early' and 'late' hours distinguish between the quiet of dawn and the stillness of night, offering contrasting atmospheres and emotions. 'Next hour' carries a sense of immediacy and expectation, urging the audience to stay tuned. Each adjective, when paired with 'hour,' serves as a key to unlock a nuanced understanding of time. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives that reveal the multifaceted nature of the hours that weave through our lives.
lastI finished my homework last hour
firstI had to wake up extra early for my first hour class.
earlyTom got up at an early hour
lateThe late hour and dim lighting made it difficult for me to read.
nextI'll be available to talk to you in the next hour
sameThey were at the same place at the same hour
fullI worked the full hour and I deserve a break.
presentIn the present hour let us reflect on our blessings.
veryDr. Smith checked in on his patient every hour.
usualI wake up at my usual hour every day.
happyThe bar offers a great happy hour from 5 to 7 pm.
singleWe can finish this project in a single hour
wholeThe conference is going to last the whole hour
darkestIt was during my darkest hour that I found my greatest strength.
thirdThe third hour of the class was dedicated to practicing the material.
darkShe struggled to find the strength to go on during her dark hour
pastI have been working on this project for the past hour
kilowattThe air conditioner uses 1.5 kilowatt hours per hour.
finestThis was the finest hour of his life.
ninthThe ninth hour of the day was approaching quickly.
extraShe said I could leave an hour at an extra hour
sixthI have history class during sixth hour
shortThe short hour was spent in a moment.
finalThe final hour had arrived, bringing with it a sense of both anticipation and dread.
quietThe library has a quiet hour every afternoon.
pleasantI spent a pleasant hour chatting with my friend.
briefWe had a brief hour of sunlight before the clouds rolled in.
laterI was expecting her at an earlier hour, but she showed up at a later hour
solemnHe came back an hour later, his face marked with a solemn hour
criticalThe doctor said that the patient is in a critical hour
fatalThe fatal hour finally arrived, bringing a swift and unexpected end to his life.
idleI like to write and read during my idle hours.
fourthShe ran three miles and finished her run during fourth hour
reasonableI will be home at a reasonable hour
earlierWe arrived at the earlier hour of 4:00 PM.
fourI've been working on this project for four hours now, and I'm still not finished.
eightI worked an eight hour shift today.
exactShe had the alarm set for the exact hour
quarterThe meeting will last approximately a quarter hour
twilightThe twilight hour cast an ethereal glow upon the tranquil forest.
latestThe actor arrived at the latest hour
unusualWe had to meet at the unusual hour of 3 AM.
busyThe traffic during busy hour was horrible.
witchingThe witching hour was upon us, and the air crackled with a palpable sense of unease.
ungodlyI was forced to wake up at an ungodly hour
decisiveThe decisive hour had arrived, and the outcome of the battle hung in the balance.
fifthMy fifth hour class is math.
awfulThe staff meeting was scheduled for the awful hour of 7am.
goldenAs the sun dipped below the horizon, casting golden hour light, the city transformed into a painterly masterpiece.
sadThe sad hour of parting finally came.
connectI'm afraid I don't have any information on connect hour
supremeThe supreme hour demanded our utmost strength and resilience.
wearyAfter a weary hour the children finally arrived home.
fatefulThe fateful hour approached, shrouding the world in an eerie silence.
unearthlyHe awoke at the unearthly hour of 3 am, his heart pounding with anticipation.
twelfthThe party had lasted till the twelfth hour
seventhThe bell rang, signalling the start of seventh hour
tenthThe tenth hour of the day was approaching and the sun was casting long shadows.
silentThe silent hour crept in and enveloped the room like a gentle blanket.
inevitableThe inevitable hour of their departure approached, and they said their farewells.
auspiciousThe wedding ceremony will be held at an auspicious hour
sweetThe sweet hour of dawn is breaking.
eighthEighth hour classes are typically where students take higher-level math or science courses.
spareI spent my spare hour reading a book.
horsepowerThe engine has a rating of 150 horsepower hour
oddHe decided to go for a walk at the odd hour of 3 am.
terribleThe terrible hour came upon me.
crucialThe crucial hour to make a decision is now.
bitterSusan often takes time to chat with her friend throughout the bitter hour
lonelyAs the lonely hour approached, she found herself lost in contemplation.
sacredThe sacred hour of dawn is a time for reflection and renewal.
dreadfulThe dreadful hour finally arrived.

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