Adjectives for Housing

Adjectives For Housing

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing housing, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe housing can significantly influence the message conveyed. For instance, public housing evokes a sense of community provision but may also carry connotations of government involvement. On the other hand, new housing suggests developments that cater to modern living standards, potentially emphasizing innovation. Affordable housing highlights economic accessibility, yet it may also trigger discussions on quality. Going further, terms like better and adequate housing introduce subjective standards of comparison and sufficiency, while cost invokes the financial aspects directly impacting accessibility and quality. Such nuances illustrate the complexity behind selecting adjectives for housing, inviting deeper analysis. Explore the full list of adjectives to uncover the layers of meaning each brings to the conversation.
publicMary is living in public housing in New York.
newWe are building new housing for the homeless.
affordableThe city council is working to find solutions to provide affordable housing for low-income residents.
betterEveryone deserves better housing
adequateThe government has a responsibility to provide adequate housing for all citizens.
poorFamilies living in poor housing conditions need help.
socialThe government is building more social housing to help people on low incomes.
decentThe town council discussed the construction of a new development with decent housing and affordable prices.
privateThe private housing market is booming in this city.
subsidizedSubsidized housing options help provide housing for people with disabilities.
lowThe low housing market has forced many families to move.
urbanThe urban housing market is complex and ever-changing.
badMany families are struggling to make ends meet due to bad housing
ruralWe have been looking at rural housing for some time now.
temporaryMy family is living in temporary housing while we wait for our house to be rebuilt.
permanentFamilies struggling to find permanent housing often face challenges that make it difficult to maintain stability.
residentialThe residential housing market is expected to remain strong in the coming years.
occupiedThe majority of occupied housing was owner-occupied.
openThe redevelopment included construction of new apartment buildings with open housing policies.
fairWe are committed to fair housing practices.
classClass housing is typically provided by the university or college.
rentalI am looking for rental housing in the area.
cheapThe new development will provide cheap housing for first-time buyers.
freeThe university provides free housing for all of its students.
suitableThe organization provides suitable housing for the homeless.
familyMy father worked as a manager so we lived in a family housing
suburbanSuburban housing offers a tranquil lifestyle and spacious living.
shelteredThere are a few sheltered housing options available for seniors in the area.
standardIn many areas, housing costs have skyrocketed, making standard housing unaffordable for many families.
properWith proper housing they would have been able to live a better life.
cooperativeThe cooperative housing model provides affordable housing options for low-income families.
multifamilyThe housing market is expected to see an increase in the construction of multifamily housing
availableThere is plenty of available housing in the area.
olderThe house has older housing due to there not being many updates.
municipalThe municipal housing is in a state of disrepair.
qualityEveryone deserves access to quality housing
seniorThe senior housing complex offers a variety of amenities designed to meet the needs of its elderly residents.
improvedThe recent project to build affordable housing in the area has improved housing conditions for many families.
transitionalThe transitional housing program provides temporary shelter and support services to individuals and families experiencing homelessness.
safeThe charity provides safe housing for the homeless.
expensiveThe expensive housing market has made it difficult for many to purchase a property.
rearThe rear housing of the device is made of a durable plastic material.
conventionalThe conventional housing market has been slow lately.
overcrowdedThe overcrowded housing conditions created health hazards for the residents.
integratedThe community offers integrated housing for both seniors and families.
dilapidatedThere are many dilapidated housing in this poor neighborhood.
inexpensiveInexpensive housing is available in this area.
alternativeThe meeting will be held in alternative housing due to construction on the regular building.
ownedShe wanted to buy an owned housing
builtThey built housing for the homeless.
differentialThe differential housing sits on top of the ring gear.
plasticThe plastic housing of the device is durable and can withstand heavy use.
prefabricatedPrefabricated housing can save you time and money in the construction process.
outerThe outer housing of the device is made of durable plastic.
elderlyThe elderly housing complex offers a variety of amenities for its residents.
roughThe children were rough housing in the living room.
comfortableThe family lived in comfortable housing
operativeThe bank is providing operative housing to its employees.
massThe government's mass housing project aims to provide affordable homes for low-income families.
supportiveI'm grateful for the supportive housing options available in our community.
protectiveThe house has protective housing that will withstand any assault.
informalInformal housing also known as slums, is a type of housing that is not officially recognized by the government.
terracedThe steep slope of the hill allowed for the construction of terraced housing
manufacturedShe is considering buying manufactured housing
cylindricalThe cylindrical housing of the motor provides a uniform heat dissipation.
incomeMany low-income families rely on income housing to provide a stable and affordable place to live.

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