Adjectives for Howard

Adjectives For Howard

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing howard, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'Howard' not only shapes our perception of this person but also adds layers of context, age, and emotional connections. Describing someone as 'young Howard' conjures images of vitality and promise, while 'old Howard' might evoke a sense of wisdom or the passage of time. Terms like 'dear Howard' or 'poor Howard' infuse the name with a richness of affection or sympathy, respectively. Each adjective weaves a different narrative thread, highlighting nuances in our relationships and understanding of Howard. To explore these variations and their implications further, discover the full spectrum of adjectives often paired with 'Howard' below.
youngYoung howard was a bright and curious child.
lateLate howard had noticed the tall, dark figure leaving the castle.
oldOld howard the curmudgeon, sat on his porch all day, grumbling about the neighborhood kids.
dearDear howard how are you doing today?
poorPoor howard was left out in the cold.
littleLittle howard was a very curious child.
goodGood howard is a great friend.
formerThis year, former howard University leader Frederick Humphries will be announced as the new head of Tennessee State University.
benevolentBenevolent howard donated money to the local church.
kunstlerKunstler howard is a writer, illustrator and painter who creates works of art that reflect his political views.
englishEnglish howard is a talented actor.
nobleNoble howard was a great man.
beautifulShe's known as Beautiful howard in showbiz.
philanthropic"Philanthropic Howard" has been helping refugees for years.
celebratedCelebrated Howard's birthday in a grand way.
rightRight howard a resident of Springfield, has been missing for several days.
gallantGallant howard led the charge with valor and determination.
australianAustralian howard is a famous musician from Melbourne.
youngerYounger howard was a tall and lanky youth with a mop of unruly brown hair and a mischievous glint in his eye.
dearestDearest howard I am writing to inform you of my current status.
honourableHonourable howard is a highly respected member of the community.
unfortunateUnfortunate howard had a bad day.
ellsworthEllsworth howard worked for the Arizona Daily Star for thirty-two years and is considered the inspiration behind the comic strip character Andy Capp.
bornBorn howard was quick to learn a trade.
illustriousOur illustrious howard was the guest of honor at last night's banquet.
elderElder howard spoke in the meeting.
antiI'm anti howard
fitzalanFitzalan howard was the fourteenth Duke of Norfolk.
femaleThe female howard is a rare sight.
cardinalCardinal howard the Archbishop of Westminster, has been vocal in his support of same-sex marriage.
oppositeOpposite howard the lawn is muddy.
honorableHonorable howard esteemed judge, you're revered for your fairness and wisdom.
armedArmed howard was a popular toy in the 1980s.
ladyLady howard is a character in the play Richard III.
primeThe evergreen trees obstructed prime Howard's view of the lake.
10th10th howard is a street in San Francisco.
conservativeConservative howard said that he would support the bill.
solidSolid howard is a reliable friend.
nellyNelly howard is an American actress.
courtesyThe courtesy howard showed was commendable.
englewoodEnglewood howard is a well-known American actor and model.
belovedBeloved howard I hope you are well
agedAged howard was a senior engineer who had been with the company for over twenty years.
fifthThe fifth howard brother was born in 1972.
immortalImmortal howard starred in a play as a ghost.
observedI observed howard studying under the tree.
scrippsScripps howard was a newspaper publisher and philanthropist.
braveBrave howard faced the challenge head-on.
figlerFigler howard was a prominent figure in the American Civil War.
drydenDryden howard wrote 'The Conquest of China' in 1671.
venerableVenerable howard was a renowned spiritual leader who dedicated his life to serving others.
compareThe results of his research compare howard Hughes with the era's other aviation giants, including Glenn Curtiss, Henry Ford and William Boeing.
handsomeHandsome howard was a popular figure in the local community.
liberalLiberal howard has been criticized for his support of free trade.
lovelyLovely howard is a great friend.
seniorSenior howard addressed the students with a stern look on his face.
fourthGet ready for the fourth howard
missMiss howard was my favorite teacher.
guiltyIn the end, guilty howard was sentenced to life in prison.
dullDull howard kept complaining about the lack of excitement in his life.
fortFort howard is a historic fort located in Prescott, Arizona.
highbornLady Jane spent time with her cousin, the highborn howard
fangFang howard is a member of the Cleveland Guardians.
somersetSomerset howard was an American author and journalist.
mosleyMosley howard was an American actor, comedian, and musician who starred in the Three Stooges short film series.

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