Adjectives for Hrs

Adjectives For Hrs

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hrs, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjective landscape surrounding the noun 'hrs' unveils a rich tapestry of time-related nuances. Whether describing the 'first' hours of a newborn's life, the 'life' changing hours spent in a pivotal moment, or the 'total' hours dedicated to achieving a goal, each adjective colors the perception of time. 'Additional' hours suggest extended effort or bonus time, while 'next' hours carry the anticipation of what is to come. The concept of 'open' hours introduces availability or opportunity. Each combination of 'hrs' with an adjective opens a unique window into how we perceive and value our time. Dive deeper to uncover the full range of adjectives that reveal the multifaceted nature of 'hrs'.
firstHe only slept for the first hrs
totalThe total hrs for the project was 100.
additionalThe additional hrs worked by the nurses this month were significant.
nextThe meeting will be held next hrs
openThe store is open for business during their posted open hrs
lastThe meeting starts in last hrs
severalI had to work several hrs on my project in order to finish it.
fewI'm going to be late. I will be there in few hrs
yearThe contract should not last longer than 3 year hrs
averageThe average hrs per app is 1.5.
furtherI need a few further hrs to finish the project.
1stI got up and had breakfast in the 1st hrs
directThe project is currently approximately 7,200 direct hrs behind schedule.
higherThe employee is working higher hrs this week.
consecutiveI worked 12 consecutive hrs
pastThe meeting goes past hrs again today.
previousI worked 32 previous hrs this week.
initialTelcos made made initial hrs below Intel's mean, and media executives were skeptical until the technology was depicted as more sophisticated than the past.
kilowattOur monthly electric bill is usually around 800 kilowatt hrs
manThe project will require approximately 1000 man hrs to complete.
finalIn the final hrs of the project, we worked tirelessly to meet the deadline.
meanOur mean hrs working is impressive.
clearThe sky was clear hrs before sunset.
originalThe original hrs for the project were 100.
8-10The test will take 8-10 hrs to complete.
grossThe doctor worked 72 gross hrs last week.
subsequentThe subsequent hrs were spent discussing the topic in depth.
lineMy total line hrs are up over six digits.
horsepowerThe engine has 200 horsepower hrs
standardThe standard hrs are 40 per week.
ampThis battery pack has a capacity of 5 amp hrs
restThe employees are expected to work 10 rest hrs
formidableThe formidable hrs of the athlete made him a force on the court.
antiI wish the anti hrs were in my favor.
dryThe dry hrs were intense.
wattThe battery has a capacity of 1000 watt hrs
timeThe meeting will take 2 time hrs
chillThe total chill hrs over the winter months was -120.
minorThe list of minor hrs in the state is available with the public service commission.
touchThe first touch hrs are the most important.
manualHe worked 100 manual hrs last month.
2-4The magazine should be placed in the sun for 2-4 hrs.
minimumOur production line has a minimum hrs requirement
4thI had math during 4th hrs today.
24-48Please allow 24-48 hrs for your request to be processed.
13-15The recommended time for people to sleep is 13-15 hrs.
oralThe doctor instructed me to take my medication by oral hrs
25-27The meeting is scheduled to take place from 25-27 hrs.
expandedThe store expanded hrs to accommodate the increase in customers.
overtimeThe employees worked overtime hrs to finish the project on time.
tonThe company's ton hrs were down last month.
conventionalMost of the employees in the office work conventional hrs
slowThe slow hrs crept by as I waited anxiously.
9-11Our flight is 9-11 hrs long.
rangeHe worked a range hrs
10-12The event will occur 10-12 hrs from now.
11-13The work is carried out for 11-13 hrs.

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