Adjectives for Http

Adjectives For HTTP

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing http, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe the 'http' can significantly alter the context and understanding of web communications. An 'available' HTTP service suggests accessibility, while a 'secure' HTTP indicates robust encryption and safety features. The 'standard' HTTP points to widely accepted protocols, whereas 'non' HTTP suggests alternative or non-conforming methods. 'Hypertext' emphasizes the foundation of web navigation and interconnectivity, and 'URL' underscores the addressing and locating of web resources. Each adjective opens a new dimension in understanding the complexity and functionality of web protocols. Discover the full range of adjectives that bring color and clarity to 'http' discussions below.
availableThis book is available http from the library.
secureThe website uses secure http to protect user data.
standardStandard http is required to make most REST API calls.
nonI have no idea what you're talking about non http
urlThe url was not accessible.
normalComputers can communicate with each other over a normal http connection.
netHTTP requests can be made with the syntax of `net http.Get`
onlineI found a great deal online http yesterday.
plainI prefer using plain http
siteVisit the site for more information.
virtualThe virtual http allowed me to access the website without installing any software.
overWe can access the data over http
regularFacebook employs regular http to make requests over the Internet.
statelessStateless http is a type of web architecture in which the server does not store any information about the client's previous requests.
selectselect http type and version
performanceThe performance http was excellent.
rpcrpc http is a powerful tool for building distributed applications
unencryptedYou should never submit your password over unencrypted http
encryptedThe website uses encrypted http (HTTPS) to protect user data.
staticThe static http server is running on port 8080.
intint http is used for internal routing in Kubernetes.
clickClick to order now
websiteThe website contains a lot of helpful information.
remoteThe remote http request returned a 200 status code.
underlyingThe request specifies an underlying http transport protocol.
enableThis command will enable http in this system.
outbound"Outbound HTTP" requests don't leave your browser, otherwise known as "same origin"
preThe pre http request was successful.
reliable"Reliable HTTP" is the name of a Network Intelligence-based feature that makes TCP connections from Android devices more persistent during handovers and low-signal conditions.
inboundThe server is now accepting inbound http requests.
persistentPersistent http connections are used to keep a connection open between a client and a server, reducing latency and improving performance.
cleartextCleartext http is a security risk and should be avoided.
lineThe line http at the bus stop was 5 people long.
setset http to utilize http-based APIs.
soapThe soap http service encountered intermittent availability issues.

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