Adjectives for Hudson

Adjectives For Hudson

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hudson, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The Hudson River, with its sweeping vistas and historic significance, carries a diverse array of adjectives that paint a vivid portrait of its different aspects. From 'Yonkers' to 'Croton,' each adjective reflects a unique location, personality, or section along its banks, embedding unique stories and perspectives. Adjectives like 'upper' and 'lower' denote its vast stretch, hinting at the geographical and cultural diversity embraced by its currents. Exploring these adjectives reveals not just the physical characteristics of the Hudson but also the emotional and historical echoes that resonate with those who visit or dwell by its side. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives to discover more nuances and tales woven by the majestic Hudson.
yonkersThe Yonkers hudson is a beautiful river that flows through the city of Yonkers, New York.
crotonThe croton plant is a popular houseplant known for its colorful leaves, and Croton hudson is a community in Westchester County, New York.
theThe hudson River flows through New York City.
irvingtonIrvington hudson is a neighborhood in Northeast Portland, Oregon.
upperThe upper hudson River Valley is known for its scenic beauty and historic sites.
lowerThe lower hudson Valley is a beautiful region of New York State.
annandaleAnnandale hudson is a well-known American actress.
midThe Mid hudson Bridge is a beautiful sight to see.
oldThe old hudson riverboat floated down the river.
cornwallCornwall hudson was a great man.
mightyThe mighty hudson River flowed past the towering cliffs.
riverdaleRiverdale hudson is a town in New York State.
lordlyLordly hudson galloped through the lush meadow, his mane flowing behind him like a silken banner.
beautifulThe beautiful hudson River flows through the heart of New York City.
nobleOn a stormy night the noble hudson stood tall.
majesticThe majestic hudson River flows through the heart of New York State.
poorPoor hudson was all alone in the world.
broadThe broad hudson River flows through the heart of New York City.
secklerSeckler hudson a pioneer in the field of water resources and environmental management, has been a vocal advocate for water conservation and sustainable practices.
ontheThe stately home is situated onthe hudson
crotononCrotonon hudson is an invasive plant that can be found in many parts of the United States.
blueThe blue hudson River flowed swiftly past the towering skyscrapers.
whittumWhittum hudson likes to take walks in the park.
niagaraNiagara hudson Power Corporation was an American electric utility.
scenicJoin Scenic hudson for a paddle down the beautiful Hudson River.
frozenThe frozen hudson River flowed slowly past the towering skyscrapers.
cadouxCadoux hudson is a name that is not commonly heard.
famousThe famous hudson River is a major waterway in the northeastern United States.
gloriousThe glorious hudson River flowed past the towering cliffs.
hicklingHave you see the new hickling hudson?
heatherHeather hudson a young woman from a small town, embarked on a remarkable journey to discover her true potential.
dysonDyson hudson is a rising star in the music industry.
scarboroughScarborough hudson was a radio and television broadcaster in the United States.
magnificentThe magnificent hudson river meanders through the heart of New York City.
nyackNyack hudson is a village in Rockland County, New York, United States.
annandaleonAnnandaleon hudson is a famous figure in American history.
tidalThe tidal hudson River provides a scenic backdrop to the New York City skyline.
adventurousAdventurous hudson explored the uncharted depths of the Amazon rainforest.
nearbyThe nearby hudson River provides stunning views.
120We're located at 120 hudson Street.
unabatedThe unabated hudson raged against the piers.
historicI explored the historic hudson waterfront with my family.
courtesyCourtesy hudson provided excellent customer service.
harmonThe harmon hudson is a lovely hotel.
maldenMalden hudson is a famous actress.
catskillThe Catskill hudson mountains are located in the southeastern part of New York State.
mohawkThe Mohawk hudson River is a beautiful and important river in New York State.
navigableThe navigable hudson River runs through New York State.
keeperKeeper hudson ensured his team's victory with a series of acrobatic saves.
kingstonKingston hudson is a talented young actor who has starred in several popular films and television shows.
statelyThe stately hudson flowed majestically towards the distant horizon.
placidThe placid hudson flowed gently by the towering skyscrapers.
castletonCastleton hudson is a British historian and author.
broadmoorBroadmoor hudson is a psychiatric hospital in the United Kingdom.

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