Adjectives for Hughes

Adjectives For Hughes

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hughes, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The use of adjectives with 'Hughes' can dramatically change the context and the imagery the word conjures. When paired with 'scheper', it might hint at a specific, perhaps scholarly or personal identity. 'Late' and 'former' both introduce a historical or temporal dimension, suggesting a narrative or legacy linked to Hughes that has since passed. The contrast between 'old' and 'young' offers a dynamic perspective on Hughes, inviting reflections on experiences or contributions at different life stages. Lastly, 'moelwyn' adds a touch of mystique or uniqueness, possibly referring to a place or a less common attribute associated with Hughes. Dive into the full spectrum of nuances that different adjectives bring to 'Hughes'.
formerThe former hughes factory is now a thriving shopping center.
oldOld hughes was a man of great wisdom and experience.
youngYoung hughes was a bright and ambitious young man.
americanAmerican hughes made a lasting impact on the aviation industry.
glickaufGlickauf hughes ran quickly to the store before it closed.
britishBritish hughes was a successful businessman who made a fortune in the shipping industry.
dewDew hughes is a famous American football coach.
republicanRepublican hughes made his views known on the issue.
englishEnglish hughes is a very nice man.
poorPoor hughes was left alone in the dark.
reclusiveThe elusive, reclusive hughes remained a recluse for the rest of his life.
dearDear hughes I must be frank with you.
lingfordLingford hughes was an accomplished musician and poet.
presidentialPresidential hughes's speech was well-received by the audience.
tallThe tall hughes towered over the other students.
famousThe famous hughes is a type of aircraft.
australianAustralian hughes has lost his parliamentary seat.
kelvinKelvin hughes was acquired by Smiths Industries in 1995.
acostaAcosta hughes was a leading figure in the American Civil War.
youngerYounger hughes shares his experiences as a precocious literary prodigy.
africanAfrican hughes is a leading provider of innovative solutions for the energy, water, and telecommunications industries.
venerableVenerable hughes was a kind and wise old man.
democraticThe democratic hughes are a group of people who are fighting for democracy.
glickhaufI'm not sure what you mean by "glickhauf hughes".
distinguishedDistinguished hughes it is an honor to meet you.
cwyfanCwyfan hughes a Welsh poet, wrote in both Welsh and English.
legendaryLegendary hughes the renowned poet, left an enduring legacy of artistry and activism.
mysteriousThe mysterious hughes is a man of few words.
morganMorgan hughes has been drawing portraits since he was 5 years old.
sheperI can't wait to see Sheper hughes perform next week.
redoubtableRedoubtable hughes embarked on an audacious quest that would forever alter the course of history.
primePrime hughes is a young and talented basketball player.
paskPask hughes is a renowned artist from the United Kingdom.
fellowI ran into my fellow Hugheses at the store.
eminentEminent hughes was a renowned scientist and inventor.
elusiveThe elusive hughes kept his distance, his eyes darting around as if he was hunting for something.
printedThe printed hughes were beautiful.
wealthyWealthy hughes was a well-known philanthropist and businessman.
schepherThere is an artist named Schepher hughes
schepperSchepper Hughes' work highlights the importance of empathy in anthropological research.
welshWelsh hughes was an American sprinter who competed in the 1904 Olympic Games.
sukhtianEskiden bu tarz para kazananlar basit bireylerken bugün duayen sukhtian hughes gibi yenilikçiler bu alanda yer almaktadır.
reverendReverend hughes was a kind and caring man.
duerksenDuerksen hughes is a law firm specializing in personal injury cases.
secSec hughes was relieved to see that the problem had been resolved.
progressiveThe progressive hughes were more willing to work with the poor.
radicalThat attorney Radical hughes is always ready to protect his clients.
enigmaticThe enigmatic hughes has always been a figure of great fascination and speculation in cryptography circles.
knownHughes was the only one known hughes
seniorMr. Hughes greeted his smiling students with a warm senior hughes

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