Adjectives for Hull

Adjectives For Hull

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hull, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a hull can vividly paint the picture of a vessel's essence. A black hull whispers of stealth and mystery, sailing under moonless skies. An outer hull, battered by waves, tells tales of resilience and adventure. The texture and history imbued within a wooden hull evoke nostalgia, connecting us to the era of explorers. Meanwhile, the specificity of a kingston hull brings to mind engineering marvels tailored for specific maritime purposes. The length of a hull, whether long or short, influences the vessel's agility and speed. Each adjective unlocks a unique perspective, offering glimpses into the vessel's character and journey. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives associated with hull and discover the stories they unfold below.
blackThe ship glided through the water, its sleek black hull cutting through the waves.
woodenThe ship had a strong wooden hull
outerThe heavy outer hull was designed to withstand the extreme heat during re-entry.
longThe sleek vessel boasted a long hull that sliced through the water with ease.
whiteThe white hull of the yacht reflected the sunlight beautifully.
oldThe old hull of the ship creaked and groaned as it rode the waves.
mainThe main hull was badly damaged in the attack.
lowerThe lower hull of the ship was damaged during the storm.
doubleThe tanker's double hull prevented an oil spill after it was punctured by coral.
darkThe ship glided through the water, its dark hull barely visible in the dim light.
entireAs its name suggests, the Nautilus's entire hull was made of a strong metal, presumably iron, rather than wood.
upperThe upper hull of the ship was painted a gleaming white.
lowA disturbance in the force is signaled by a low hull and vibrating deck.
shapedThe ship has a uniquely shaped hull for better performance on the water.
innerThe inner hull of the ship was severely damaged.
hugeThe enormous ship had a huge hull that could hold thousands of tons of cargo.
narrowThe narrow hull of the boat sliced through the water with remarkable ease.
footThe foot hull of the boat was scraped by the rocks.
bareThe boat's bare hull was scraped against the rocks.
visualThe visual hull of the object was reconstructed using multiple cameras.
thinThe thin hull of the boat creaked and groaned in the storm.
emptyThe empty hull of the ship drifted aimlessly on the waves.
underwaterAlgae grow on the underwater hull of the ship.
convexThe convex hull of a set of points is the smallest convex set that contains all of the points.
sleekThe sleek hull of the yacht glided effortlessly through the water.
massiveThe ship's massive hull loomed over the horizon.
shatteredThe shattered hull of the ship lay strewn across the ocean floor.
redThe sailboat stood out with its glossy red hull
greenThe green hull of the boat gleamed in the sunlight.
deepThe ship's deep hull allowed it to navigate the treacherous waters with ease.
starboardThe starboard hull of the ship was badly damaged in the collision.
grayThe boat's sleek gray hull sliced through the water with ease.
batteredThe old ship, with its battered hull sailed bravely on.
brokenRescuers pulled survivors from the broken hull of the capsized ship.
thickThe thick hull of the ship protected it from the harsh elements.
upturnedThe upturned hull of the boat was a grim reminder of the tragedy that had befallen its passengers.
sunkenDivers found the sunken hull of the ancient ship off the coast of the island.
blueThe boat had a deep blue hull that contrasted with the white sails.
roundedThe rounded hull of the boat helped to reduce drag in the water.
smoothThe smooth hull of the boat cut through the water with ease.
heavyThe ship's heavy hull ploughed through the waves with ease.
saldivarThe Saldivar hull is a type of ship hull design.
weldedToday, many shipyards construct tankers, cargo ships and fishing vessels with a welded hull rather than a riveted hull.
shallowThe boat's shallow hull made it easy to navigate through the shallow waters.
fiberglassThe fiberglass hull of the boat was smooth and shiny.
submergedOperators are forbidden by law to operate a vessel under steam in any location where the water is shallower than the submerged hull of the vessel.
bottomedA bottomed hull is the lowermost part of a ship below the waterline.
greyThe massive ship, with its grey hull and towering masts, sliced through the water with ease.
bottomDivers inspected the bottom hull of the ship to check for damage.
overturnedThe overturned hull of the ship lay on the sandy bottom of the harbor.
lightThe light hull of the boat skimmed over the water with ease.
slimThe submarine cruised silently through the water, its slim hull slicing through the darkness.
concreteThe ship had a massive reinforced concrete hull
slenderThe ship glided through the water, its slender hull cutting through the waves with ease.
submarineThe submarine hull must be built to withstand high pressure.
gracefulThe ship sliced through the water with a graceful hull
vastThe vast hull of the ship loomed over the harbor.
invertedThe inverted hull revealed a fascinating hidden compartment.
streamlinedThe streamlined hull of the ship reduced drag and increased speed.
armoredThe armored hull of the battleship protected it from enemy fire.
forwardThe forward hull of the ship was badly damaged in the collision.
outsideThere appears some evidence of slight cracking on the outside hull
cylindricalThe fast ship has a cylindrical hull
solidThe boat was built with a solid hull
likeJohn's body was like hull of a ship
rustyThe old ship's rusty hull creaked and groaned as it sailed through the choppy seas.
toughThe ship had a tough hull which helped it to withstand the rough seas.
flatThe flat hull of the boat skimmed effortlessly across the water.
conventionalThe conventional hull is a convex hull that is formed by taking the union of all the convex hulls of all subsets of the set of points.
nakedThe naked hull of the ship was a ghostly sight against the horizon.
broadThe ship floated with its broad hull above the water.

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