Adjectives for Human

Adjectives For Human

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing human, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the diverse adjectives paired with the noun 'human' unveils a world of nuanced perception and characterization. Whether describing the 'more human' aspects of kindness and empathy, delving into discussions about 'the only human' in a situation, or arguing what constitutes a 'normal human' experience, the choice of adjectives significantly shapes our understanding. Phrases like 'the most human' and 'less human' invite reflections on qualities and deficiencies, while 'individual human' emphasizes uniqueness. Each adjective, from more to less, opens a new dimension of discussion, offering insights into the complexities of human nature and behavior. Dive deeper into the full list of adjectives for a richer exploration of the human condition.
moreThe dog is more human than the cat.
onlyWe all make mistakes, it's only human
normalThe normal human body temperature is around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.
mostThe most human thing about us is our capacity for empathy.
individualThe individual human is a complex and fascinating creature.
averageThe average human has about five liters of blood in their body.
singleThe single human walked along the lonely road.
ordinaryThe ordinary human often overlooks the beauty of the mundane.
uniquelyOur ability to reason and solve problems is uniquely human
basicAll people have basic human rights.
realI am a real human being.
mereI am a mere human with all my limitations and flaws.
divineThe divine human possesses a connection to a higher power.
modernModern humans have evolved over thousands of years.
distinctivelyThe ability to blush is a distinctively human trait.
computerThe computer human sat in front of the screen, typing away.
universalUniversal human rights are inalienable.
maleThe male human walked down the street.
healthyThe healthy human body is a remarkable organism.
veryIt was a very human response to a very difficult situation.
completeThe AI recognized her as a complete human
peculiarlyShe always felt peculiarly human despite her cybernetic enhancements.
perfectHe is a perfect human
femaleThe female human was very kind.
quiteThe alien's behavior seemed quite human
newbornThe newborn human gazed at its mother with wide, curious eyes.
halfShe was half human and half robot.
rationalThe rational human quickly analyzed the situation and made a wise decision.
intelligentThe intelligent human solved the complex puzzle with ease.
genuinelyHe showed a genuinely human response to the situation.
availableThere is an available human to speak to.
complexThe complex human brain is capable of amazing feats.
fundamentalWe must respect the fundamental human rights of all people.
decentShe is a decent human and I'm not going to throw her under the bus.
culturedThe cultured human showed appreciation for all forms of art.
adultThe adult human stood up and walked away.
infectedThe infected human coughed loudly, sending droplets of the virus into the air.
virtualThe virtual human interacted with users in a realistic way.
scarceThe scarce human roamed the desolate planet.
oldestThe oldest human ever recorded was Jeanne Calment, who lived to be 122 years old.
matureThe mature human brain is a marvel of evolution.
uniqueThe unique human experience is one that is full of wonder and awe.
fallibleEven the best of us are fallible humans.
primitiveThe primitive human struggled to survive in the harsh wilderness.
enormousSteve's enormous human ego got the better of him, causing him to lose a lot of support.
deadIt was a very sad day when the police found the dead human in the alley.
partThe creature was part human and part animal.
idealAn ideal human is someone who is kind, compassionate, and understanding.
civilizedThe civilized human world is one without war.
soundShe's a sound human being.
fossilScientists have discovered a new fossil human in Africa.
liveHello, I am a live human
warmJohn is a warm human
intactA group of intact human mummies was discovered in a tomb in Luxor, Egypt.

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