Adjectives for Humans

Adjectives For Humans

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing humans, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe humans can accentuate various aspects of humanity, from temporal distinctions to qualitative ones. Words like modern and early highlight time periods, offering a temporal perspective that spans from our ancestors to today's society. Adjectives such as normal and other invite discussions on what constitutes the standard versus the outlier in human behavior and identity. Meanwhile, terms like most and first signify a degree of comparison or precedence, adding layers of complexity to our understanding of humans. These nuanced interpretations enrich our language, offering a kaleidoscopic view of mankind. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with humans and the depth they add to our conversations below.
otherI often give my leftover food to other humans
modernModern humans have evolved over thousands of years.
mostMost humans are social beings.
normalThey are normal humans
earlyEarly humans hunted animals for food and clothing.
firstThe first humans lived millions of years ago.
healthyHealthy humans are vital to a functioning society.
fellowI want to help my fellow humans and make the world a better place.
individualThe building was filled with individual humans
ordinaryOrdinary humans lived their lives in the mundane routine.
infectedThe infected humans were quarantined to prevent the spread of the virus.
mereMere humans we are all capable of greatness.
primitivePrimitive humans used tools made of stone and wood to hunt and gather food.
earliestThe earliest humans lived in caves and hunted for food.
prehistoricDespite our advanced technology, we are still fascinated by the lives of prehistoric humans
virtualThe virtual humans were surprisingly lifelike.
adultAdult humans are fascinating creatures.
elderlyThe elderly humans were enjoying their time at the retirement home.
ancientAncient humans had a strong connection to nature.
maleMale humans are the dominant species on Earth.
agedThe aged humans sat on the porch, looking out at the sunset.
contemporaryContemporary humans have evolved over thousands of years.
consciousConscious humans have the ability to make reasoned decisions.
archaicA study of the DNA of archaic humans provides new insights into our evolutionary history.
deadThe dead humans were buried in a mass grave.
fallibleWe must never forget that we, as fallible humans are capable of error.
newbornNewborn humans are incredibly vulnerable and need a lot of care and attention.
civilizedCivilized humans have developed systems to resolve their differences peacefully.
blindBlind humans can use canes and guide dogs to help navigate the world.
mortalThere are many tales that say that mortal humans were once deities.
diabeticIt is important for diabetic humans to manage their blood sugar levels.
intelligentIntelligent humans have the ability to think critically and solve problems.
rationalRational humans consider the consequences of their actions before making decisions.
dayThe day humans evolved was not the best day
awakeThe awake humans stirred at the smell of bacon cooking.
intactThere were no intact humans to be found.
liveWe need to hire live humans for this job.
fossilFossil humans have been found in many parts of the world.
ancestralAncestral humans roamed the earth thousands of years ago.
susceptibleThe highly susceptible humans were easy prey for the virus.
marginalMarginal humans live on the fringes of society.
frailThe frail humans struggled against the relentless wind and rain.
matureMature humans are expected to interact with one another in a civil manner.
finiteThe finite humans are subject to the laws of nature.
weakThe weak humans were easily defeated by the superior aliens.
punyThe puny humans stood no chance against the colossal alien invaders.
tinyThe tiny humans giggled as they played in the sandbox.
hypertensiveHypertensive humans experience increased arterial stiffness.
evilDespite their wicked intentions, the evil humans were ultimately defeated.
hypercholesterolemicHypercholesterolemic humans may show enhanced vulnerability to developing cardiovascular events.
normotensiveNormotensive humans were recruited from population-based cohorts.
sensitiveThe sensitive humans were easily hurt by the harsh words.
deceasedThe deceased humans were buried in the cemetery.
trainedHighly trained humans are needed to perform this task.

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