Adjectives for Hundred

Adjectives For Hundred

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hundred, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'hundred' can significantly alter the meaning and impact of a sentence. Whether it's 'black hundred' evoking a dark, historical connotation, 'one hundred' signifying precision, 'eighteen hundred' referencing a specific century, 'three hundred' indicating scale, or 'whole hundred' emphasizing completeness, each adjective brings its own nuance. Similarly, 'five hundred' might suggest a midpoint or a significant quantity. The choice of adjective not only clarifies the quantity but also adds a layer of meaning or emotion, enriching the narrative or data being conveyed. Explore our full list of adjectives associated with 'hundred' to find the perfect descriptor for your next piece of writing.
blackThe Black hundred is a Russian nationalist organisation.
oneI ordered one hundred dollars worth of pizza for the party.
eighteenEighteen hundred is a number that represents the year 1800.
threeI need three hundred dollars for the down payment.
wholeI have a whole hundred dollars.
fiveThe company hired five hundred new employees last year.
fourShe sold four hundred copies of her debut novel in the first week.
oldI've been waiting for you, old hundred
sixI have six hundred books in my library.
famousThe famous hundred was a group of one hundred of the most influential people in the world.
noble"For a noble hundred is found to spend before a mean ten."
halfThe team scored a half hundred in their last match.
originalThe original hundred turned out to be a shrewd bunch.
immortalThe immortal hundred have been revered for centuries.
bermudaIt was a hot day in Bermuda hundred
twoI have two hundred dollars in my bank account.
gallantThe gallant hundred fought bravely for their country.
entireThe entire hundred years had been a blur.
calledThey called hundreds of times.
eightEight hundred students attended the seminar.
poorThe poor hundred families had to bear the heavy loss.
localThe local hundred people were very friendly.
seventeenThe battle took place in seventeen hundred
nextThe next hundred years will be the most important in human history.
nineThe report showed that nine hundred people had been affected by the storm.
thirdThe third hundred people in line got a free ticket.
doubleThe star batsman scored a double hundred in his last match.
sevenShe has been waiting for seven hundred hours.
overwatchedThe overwatched hundred watched without permission.
postThe post hundred year old man still enjoyed life.
gloriousThe glorious hundred stood out in the crowd.
brandyHe lives in Brandy hundred Road.
exclusiveThe exclusive hundred club only accepts the most extraordinary individuals.
upperThe upper hundred reported a high level of satisfaction after the improvements.
braveThe brave hundred fought valiantly against overwhelming odds.
fifteenI need fifteen hundred dollars to buy a new car.
unhappyThe unhappy hundred marched slowly through the city.
heroicThe batsman reached a heroic hundred in double-quick time
famedThe famed hundred brothers assembled in their father's house.
worthThe antique vase is worth hundreds of dollars.
adjacentI live in one of the houses adjacent hundred to the church.
ninthThe ninth hundred pages of the book were missing.
historicThe historic hundred run was scored by the batsman in just 60 balls.
nineteenThe year nineteen hundred was a significant year in history.
loyalThe loyal hundred were the most trusted soldiers in the king's army.
poundsHe spent pounds hundred on the car.
semiticThe semitic hundred was composed of sixty.
foregoingThe foregoing hundred years have witnessed great changes in the world.
distantThe distant hundred stars twinkled in the night sky.
flowerShe planted a flower hundred flowers in her garden.
constitutionalThe Supreme Court ruled that a constitutional hundred was illegal.
perThe price of apples is $5 per hundred
sixthBy the sixth hundred people, they were almost out of snacks.
multiIt was a multi hundred dollar project.
chaffordChafford hundred is a local government district in Essex, England.
thirteenThe total amount came out to thirteen hundred dollars.
selectSelect hundred integers from the list.
seventhThe seventh hundred participants arrived at the event last night.
illI was ill hundred of the terrible turmoil.
handThe artist meticulously layered the paint with a hand hundred brush strokes.
fifthThe fifth hundred years marked a turning point in the history of the civilization.
dearI can't believe you've been with me for a dear hundred years.
celebratedThe party celebrated hundred years of friendship.
socalledThe socalled hundred years war lasted for more than a hundred years.
lexdenOne might argue that the lexical unity of the Rime of the shipman and the reeve results from the fact that both were composed in Lexden hundred
delightedThe show delighted hundreds of thousands of attendees.

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