Adjectives for Hunger

Adjectives For Hunger

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hunger, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives linked with 'hunger' unlocks a world of nuanced understanding, revealing the depth and breadth of human experience tied to this powerful noun. 'Great hunger' speaks to a profound need, while 'spiritual hunger' delves into the soul's yearning for meaning. The phrase 'insatiable hunger' portrays a desire that knows no bounds, emphasizing the relentless pursuit of satisfaction. Referring to 'own hunger,' we touch on the personal, intimate aspect of need. Furthermore, 'cold hunger' evokes a raw, almost brutal desperation, and 'extreme hunger' underscores situations of dire urgency. Each adjective, a key unlocking different shades of hunger, allows us to comprehend the complex interplay between human necessity and desire. Discover the full list of adjectives and the unique stories they tell about 'hunger'.
spiritualI've been experiencing a profound spiritual hunger lately.
insatiableThe monster's insatiable hunger consumed everything in its path.
ownShe knew better than to ignore her own hunger
coldHer cold hunger gnawed at her stomach, reminding her of the desperate need for sustenance.
extremeShe felt an extreme hunger after running a marathon.
physicalPhysical hunger is a basic human need that must be met in order to survive.
realThe hikers had real hunger from the day's trek.
ravenousThe starving hiker had a ravenous hunger that drove him toward the nearest restaurant.
widespreadThe widespread hunger in the region has led to a humanitarian crisis.
chronicChronic hunger affects millions of people worldwide
intenseThe intense hunger gnawed at her stomach, a constant reminder of her need for sustenance.
constantSarah felt a constant hunger gnawing at her stomach.
excessiveThe excessive hunger left me with no choice but to eat everything in sight.
muchThe famine had caused much hunger in the land.
actualThe actual hunger that children face is a serious problem.
terribleThe terrible hunger gnawed at her stomach, driving her to desperate measures.
sheerThe sheer hunger gnawed at her stomach, driving her to seek sustenance.
emotionalSarah’s emotional hunger had only been partially satisfied by Kyle.
naturalThe natural hunger of the wolves made them desperate.
desperateThe man's desperate hunger drove him to steal a loaf of bread.
acuteThe child had been enduring acute hunger for days.
landThe great land hunger began soon after the colonies were founded.
fierceThe wolf's fierce hunger drove it to hunt for prey.
severeMy stomach growled with severe hunger
trueTrue hunger cannot be resisted.
unsatisfiedThe crying child's unsatisfied hunger made everyone in the house irritable.
hiddenHidden hunger or micronutrient deficiency, is a major public health problem affecting billions of people worldwide.
intellectualHer intellectual hunger drove her to delve into complex and challenging topics.
mereThe mere hunger made him irritable.
voraciousThe wolf devoured its prey with a voracious hunger
genuineHe felt a genuine hunger for adventure.
universalUniversal hunger is a serious problem that affects millions of people around the world.
sharpHer sharp hunger was gnawing at her stomach.
keenThe keen hunger gnawed at his stomach.
globalThe world is facing a serious problem of global hunger
immediateHis stomach growled in protest, demanding immediate hunger
earthThe plant had an insatiable earth hunger its roots reaching deep into the soil.
seasonalThe seasonal hunger of the polar bear is a reminder of the harshness of the Arctic winter.
persistentDespite eating a large meal, she experienced persistent hunger throughout the day.
wildThe wild hunger gnawed at my stomach, driving me to seek sustenance.
prolongedProlonged hunger left him weak and vulnerable.
violentThe violent hunger gnawed at his stomach.
massThe consequences of mass hunger are widespread malnutrition and starvation.
unappeasableThe monster's unappeasable hunger drove it to consume everything in its path.
strangeI felt a strange hunger that I couldn't ignore.
morbidThe cadaverous figure shambled forward, its morbid hunger a palpable aura that sent chills down my spine.
physiologicalEating when a person is experiencing physiological hunger is a good way to replenish the body's energy stores.
absoluteThe prisoner was filled with absolute hunger after days of no food.
healthyThe healthy hunger drove him to eat more than he needed.
tremendousThe starving child felt tremendous hunger gnawing at his stomach.
continualThe continual hunger gnawed at his stomach, driving him to seek sustenance relentlessly.
endlessThe creature's endless hunger drove it to stalk its prey relentlessly.
enormousHe awoke from a restless sleep with an enormous hunger gnawing at his stomach.
raveningThe ravening hunger gnawed at his stomach, driving him to seek out food at any cost.
airI gasped for air, my lungs burning with air hunger
sacredThe sacred hunger for knowledge drove him to explore the unknown.

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