Adjectives for Hurt

Adjectives For Hurt

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hurt, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe hurt can dramatically change the tone and depth of a sentence, reflecting a wide range of emotions and intensities. From much to little, each adjective unveils a different layer of pain or discomfort, allowing for nuances in emotional or physical states. Using own adds a personal touch, while more and great intensify the feeling. Deep hurt, on the other hand, suggests a profound, perhaps lasting effect. Understanding these subtle differences enriches our communication, painting a more vivid picture of our experiences. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with hurt below to better express the shades of pain and resilience in your writing.
littleThe little hurt he felt was quickly forgotten.
ownHe was his own hurt his own wound.
moreThe news was more hurtful than she expected.
greatThe great hurt he felt was evident in his eyes.
deepHis words cut deep, leaving an indescribable deep hurt that lingered long after.
grievousThe accused was charged with grievous hurt for causing serious bodily injury to the victim.
leastOf all the options, this one caused the least hurt
physicalThe physical hurt left her in agony.
stomachMy stomach hurts now.
realThe real hurt came when I realized that I had been used.
furtherI will not seek to further hurt you.
soreMy sore hurt from the fall.
seriousThat accident caused him serious hurt
personalHer harsh words left a deep personal hurt
emotionalThe emotional hurt ran deep, leaving scars that time could not erase.
mortalThe old man suffered a mortal hurt in the battle.
lessHe felt less hurt after talking to her.
anybodyDid anybody hurt in the accident?
terribleThe terrible hurt he felt was unbearable.
slightHer words carried a slight hurt that he couldn't ignore.
pastThe past hurt still lingered within her heart.
greatestThe greatest hurt is betrayal from someone you trust.
deadlyThe poison left her with a deadly hurt
gonnaThe truth is gonna hurt
longerThe longer hurt the longer the healing process will be.
worstThe worst hurt comes from the betrayal of a friend.
innerThe inner hurt was a constant reminder of her loss.
slightestThe slightest hurt can make her cry.
deepestThe deepest hurt is the one that leaves no mark.
suddenA sudden hurt twisted his face in pain.
severeThe severe hurt from the loss lingered in his heart.
deeperThe deeper hurt lies in the words spoken without thought.
bitterThe bitter hurt cut deep into her soul, leaving an incurable wound.
narcissisticHis narcissistic hurt did not come from a place of vulnerability.
psychologicalThe victim was left with severe psychological hurt after the ordeal.
obscureHer obscure hurt concealed a lifetime of silent pain.
badlyThe accident left her badly hurt
corporalMy brother beat me and I suffered corporal hurt
cruelHer cruel hurt inflicted a deep wound in his heart.
unnecessaryThe unnecessary hurt caused by careless words lingers like a heavy weight on one's heart.
lastingThe lasting hurt will never truly go away.
enoughI have endured enough hurt to last me a lifetime.
infiniteAn infinite hurt flooded my soul, leaving an emptiness that threatened to consume me.
profoundThe profound hurt of her betrayal cut deep into his soul.
angryThe angry hurt made her lash out at those she loved most.
genuineThe genuine hurt was evident in her tear-filled eyes.
awfulHe felt an awful hurt when he learned that his friend had passed away.
rawThe raw hurt of their words cut deep.
inwardHer spirit was devastated by the inward hurt she had suffered.
painfulThose hurtful words struck me with a painful hurt
unresolvedThe unresolved hurt gnawed at her heart, a constant reminder of past pain.
fatalThe fatal hurt she suffered resulted in her death.
sureThat tackle sure hurt
triflingThe trifling hurt was soon forgotten.
elseIf you do not hurry, someone else hurt may be harmed.
hiddenHe smiled, but I could see the hidden hurt in his eyes.

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