Adjectives for Husband

Adjectives For Husband

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing husband, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a husband can greatly impact the tone and depth of your description. A 'first' husband carries a sense of beginning and possibly nostalgia, while a 'second' husband might evoke feelings of a new chapter. Describing someone as a 'good' husband adds a layer of moral or qualitative judgment, suggesting reliability and love. Meanwhile, a 'late' husband introduces a note of loss and remembrance. A 'new' husband can signify fresh starts and discoveries. Describing someone as a 'future' husband opens a world of hope and anticipation. Each adjective shades the noun with unique connotations, enriching the narrative. Dive into the full list of adjectives we've compiled to explore the myriad ways to describe a husband.
firstShe finally divorced her first husband after years of misery.
secondHer second husband was a wealthy businessman.
goodA good husband is one who always supports his wife.
lateShe wore her late husband's cardigan everywhere she went.
futureI'm excited to meet my future husband
formerMy former husband is a lawyer.
dearI love you, dear husband
youngThe young husband smiled lovingly at his wife.
deadHer dead husband's belongings were still in the closet.
deceasedMy deceased husband was a kind and loving man.
poorThe poor husband was left alone with the kids.
belovedMy beloved husband was a kind and generous man.
jealousThe jealous husband accused his wife of infidelity.
thirdHer third husband is a musician.
faithfulHe was a faithful husband whose love for his wife was unwavering.
prospectiveShe was very nervous to meet her prospective husband's family.
betterI wish I could find a better husband
handsomeI am so lucky to have such a handsome husband
richMy friend married a rich husband and now they live in a mansion.
injuredThe injured husband was rushed to the hospital.
absentThe absent husband left his wife and children behind.
wonderfulMy wonderful husband deserves a lot of credit for supporting me.
intendedMy intended husband lives in the United States.
drunkenThe drunken husband stumbled into the room, slurring his words and reeking of alcohol.
sickI'm taking care of my sick husband today.
idealShe was looking for an ideal husband
excellentShe has an excellent husband who loves and cares for her.
lawfulShe introduced him to her lawful husband a kind and gentle man.
royalThe Queen and her royal husband are touring the country.
nobleThe prince stood up and bowed modestly to his brothers, and then the noble husband began to speak.
bereavedThe bereaved husband wept uncontrollably at his wife's funeral.
alcoholicShe is married to an alcoholic husband
fourthShe is a very kind and beautiful woman, and now she's on her fourth husband
happyThe happy husband whistled a tune as he worked in the garden.
unfortunateHer unfortunate husband was caught in the crossfire.
elderlyThe elderly husband was sitting in his rocking chair, reading the newspaper.
agedThe aged husband sat by the fire, lost in thought.
unbelievingThe unbelieving husband stubbornly refused to acknowledge his wife's religious beliefs.
divorcedI was floored when my divorced husband suddenly showed up at the party.
wealthyThe wealthy husband lavished his wife with expensive gifts.
dearestI love you, dearest husband
worthyShe is searching for a worthy husband
unhappyThe unhappy husband was left alone to brood about his predicament.
wrongedThe wronged husband confronted his wife's lover.
affiancedShe was so happy to be reunited with her affianced husband
outragedThe outraged husband stormed into the office, demanding an explanation.
angryThe angry husband threw a vase at the wall.
niceShe has a nice husband
invalidThe court declared the marriage invalid due to the bigamy of her invalid husband
deceivedThe deceived husband confronted his wife about the affair.
weakShe divorced her weak husband
irateThe irate husband stormed into the living room.
distinguished"My distinguished husband is a brilliant scientist."

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