Adjectives for Hydrogen

Adjectives For Hydrogen

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hydrogen, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Discover the complex world of hydrogen through the lens of adjectives that paint a picture of its diverse forms and characteristics. From the foul-smelling sulphuretted hydrogen to the dangerously cold liquid hydrogen, each adjective unveils a new facet of this simplest yet most abundant element. Explore the minute details with atomic hydrogen, delve into the basic building blocks with molecular hydrogen, appreciate the purity with pure hydrogen, and uncover the density with heavy hydrogen. Every adjective adds a shade of meaning, highlighting hydrogen's versatility in science and its pivotal role in the universe. Ready to explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with hydrogen?
sulphurettedThe rotten eggs gave off a strong smell of sulphuretted hydrogen
liquidA silvery, cryo-liquid called liquid hydrogen is a potent rocket fuel.
atomicAtomic hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe.
molecularMolecular hydrogen is the lightest and most abundant molecule in the universe.
pureThe pure hydrogen is a clean and renewable energy source.
heavyHeavy hydrogen is an isotope of hydrogen with one proton and one neutron in its nucleus.
nascentThe nascent hydrogen was formed by the dissociation of water molecules.
freeWe need to extract free hydrogen from water.
neutralAstronomers have found and characterized a compact cloud of neutral hydrogen gas in the outer part of the Milky Way.
gaseousGaseous hydrogen is the lightest and most abundant chemical element in the universe.
moreWater has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, while hydrogen peroxide has two hydrogen atoms, one oxygen atom, and one more hydrogen atom.
ordinaryThe ordinary hydrogen is the most abundant chemical substance in the universe.
dryThe dry hydrogen was processed and used in the experiment.
muchThe sun contains much hydrogen
solidThe scientists are using solid hydrogen as a fuel for their rockets.
sulphuretedThe sulphureted hydrogen in the air made it difficult to breathe.
lowThe fuel cell operates with low hydrogen concentration.
excessThe reaction led to excess hydrogen in the flask
replaceableThe replaceable hydrogen in the hydroxyl group is replaced by a methyl group.
nonThe non hydrogen elements are all metals.
normalThe mass number of normal hydrogen is 1.
metallicMetallic hydrogen is a phase of hydrogen that exists at extremely high pressures.
adsorbedThe surface of the material adsorbed hydrogen
lessThe reaction produced less hydrogen than expected
sodiumSodium hydrogen is a highly reactive compound.
interstellarInterstellar hydrogen exists in vast quantities in the interstellar medium, which is the space between stars.
availableThe amount of available hydrogen in the fuel is determined by its chemical composition.
phosphurettedThe phosphuretted hydrogen was then evolved into the mixture.
electrolyticElectrolytic hydrogen is produced by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity.
orthoOrtho hydrogen is a form of hydrogen in which the nuclear spins of the two atoms are parallel.
lightThe addition of light hydrogen to the reaction mixture quenched the free radical formation.
exchangeableThe exchangeable hydrogen of the complex was replaced by deuterium.
acidicAcetic acid is an example of a weak acid that only partially dissociates in water, resulting in a solution with a low concentration of acidic hydrogen ions.
solarSolar hydrogen is a clean and renewable source of energy that can be used to power homes, businesses, and vehicles.
carburettedThe carburetted hydrogen burned brightly.
metalThe compressed hydrogen atoms are in a new state of matter called metal hydrogen
abstractThe new research focuses on the separation of abstract hydrogen from natural gas.
enoughThe reaction produced enough hydrogen to fill the balloon.
hotThe hot hydrogen gas expanded rapidly, filling the entire volume of the container.
sufficientThe reaction can only occur if there is sufficient hydrogen present.
residualThe autoionization of water results in a residual hydrogen ion concentration of approximately 10−7 M.
acidThe ionization of an acid hydrogen forms hydronium ions.
sulphuratedThe chemical formula for sulphurated hydrogen is H2S.
monatomicMonatomic hydrogen is a highly reactive gas that is composed of individual hydrogen atoms.
boundThe chemical formula for water is H2O, with two atoms of bound hydrogen and one atom of oxygen
elementalHydrogen gas is in the form of elemental hydrogen
wetThe wet hydrogen was causing the engine to misfire.
chemisorbedThe chemisorbed hydrogen undergoes multiple reactions to result in a stable surface layer.
tertiaryThe tertiary hydrogen atom in propane is the most reactive.
occludedThe occluded hydrogen within the crystal lattice can cause embrittlement.
labileThe labile hydrogen atom in the hydroxyl group can be exchanged with a deuterium atom.
interstitialInterstitial hydrogen can cause embrittlement in metals.
pressureThe pressure hydrogen is high.
ionizableAn ionic bond is formed between two ions, one of which is a metal; a covalent bond is formed when two non-metallic atoms share ionizable hydrogen
atmosphericThe atmospheric hydrogen was compressed into a liquid at -252.8 degrees Celsius.
reactiveReactive hydrogen is a type of hydrogen that reacts easily with other elements to form various compounds.
nitrogenNitrogen hydrogen is a molecule found in the atmosphere.
inflammableThe inflammable hydrogen was carefully handled by the scientist.
potassiumPotassium hydrogen is a compound composed of potassium and hydrogen.
diluteThe dilute hydrogen in the reactor was then cooled and collected.
siliconThe silicon hydrogen bond is a covalent chemical bond formed between a silicon atom and a hydrogen atom.
oddThe results of the analysis of odd hydrogen suggest that there may be more to the universe than we currently understand.
cathodicThe cathodic hydrogen evolution reaction is an important process in the field of electrochemistry.
myeloperoxidaseThe myeloperoxidase hydrogen peroxide system plays a major role in microbial killing
primordialThe primordial hydrogen in the early universe was very hot and dense.
mobileScientists are working on developing mobile hydrogen fuel cells to power vehicles.

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