Adjectives for Ice

Adjectives For Ice

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing ice, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'ice' conjures up images of frozen landscapes and refreshingly cool drinks, but the adjectives used with 'ice' can alter its perception significantly. 'Dry ice' takes us to the realm of science, creating foggy scenes at parties or preserving perishable goods. 'Thin ice' not only paints a picture of fragile wintery surfaces but also serves as a metaphor for precarious situations. 'Solid ice' emphasizes the strength and danger of ice, while 'glacial' and 'glacier' ice remind us of the Earth's majestic polar regions. 'Sea ice' evokes the freezing oceans at the poles. Each adjective brings its own nuance, revealing the versatility and beauty of ice in our world. Explore the full list of adjectives to discover more intriguing combinations and the stories they tell.
dryThe scientist cooled the experiment down by using dry ice
thinShe skated carefully, knowing she was on thin ice
solidThe pond had frozen solid ice
glacialThe glacial ice cracked and shifted, sending shards of ice into the frigid water.
glacierThe glacier ice sparkled in the sunlight.
seaThe sea ice is melting rapidly.
polarThe polar ice is melting at an alarming rate due to global warming.
muchThere was so much ice on the lake that it was hard to see the water.
moreI need more ice for my drink.
crackedThe sound of cracked ice echoed through the quiet night.
thickThe thick ice made it difficult to walk on the lake.
clearAdd the clear ice to a glass.
heavyThe heavy ice on the lake made it dangerous to walk on.
blueThe blue ice sparkled in the sunlight.
pureShe slipped on the pure ice and landed hard.
fastThe ship was trapped in the fast ice for weeks
blackBlack ice can be difficult to see, but it can be very dangerous.
youngThe young ice cracked under their boots.
smoothCars can easily skid on smooth ice
roughThe ship struggled to navigate the rough ice
naturalThe pond had frozen over, creating a perfect sheet of natural ice
crushedI added crushed ice to my strawberry lemonade.
whiteThe white ice glistened in the sunlight.
artificialThe hockey players were skating on the artificial ice
looseThe ship sailed through the loose ice
coldThe cold ice cubes clinked together in the glass.
yearI can still see the year ice that we made last winter.
freshIced tea with fresh ice is the best on a hot summer day.
eternalThe eternal ice of the glacier stretched out before them.
antarcticThe antarctic ice is melting at an alarming rate.
slipperyBe careful walking on the slippery ice
poundedThe bartender pounded ice into the cocktail shaker.
waterThe icy moon Europa has a subsurface ocean of water ice
permanentThe permanent ice on the surface of Mars is a reservoir of water that could be used for future human exploration.
transparentThe transparent ice glittered in the sunlight.
enoughThe pitcher had enough ice to keep the drinks cold for the entire game.
arcticThe Arctic ice is melting at an alarming rate.
continentalAt the time of continental ice formation, the climate becomes colder.
greenThe green ice glistened in the sunlight.
stagnantThe stagnant ice cracked as the sunlight hit the surface.
wetThe wet ice glistened in the sunlight.
ordinaryI put the ordinary ice in my glass.
chippedI filled the glass up with chipped ice
rottenThe rotten ice was so thin that it cracked beneath my feet.
perpetualHikers were warned about the dangers of crossing the pass during the winter months due to perpetual ice
basalThe basal ice provides a stable platform for the construction of research stations.
firmThe sled glided swiftly across the firm ice
dirtyThe dirty ice crunched under her feet.
bareWatch out for the bare ice on the road.
ribbedThe ribbed ice crunched beneath her boots as she walked across the frozen lake.
steepThe climber scaled the steep ice with ease.
northernThe northern ice glistened like a thousand diamonds.
frozenThe frozen ice cracked under my feet.
cleanThe clean ice sparkled in the sunlight.
inlandThe inland ice of Greenland is the second largest ice mass on Earth.
lemonI enjoyed the lemon ice on a hot day.
brokenThe broken ice crackled under my feet as I walked across the frozen lake.
treacherousThe hikers carefully navigated the treacherous ice on the mountain trail.
deadDead ice is a mass of ice that is not moving.
lessThere is too much carbonation, fill with less ice
softThe vendor served him a cone of soft ice
multiyearThe Arctic is losing its multiyear ice at an alarming rate.
choppedThe chopped ice cooled the drinks quickly.
flatThe pond was covered in a thin layer of flat ice
senHe poured a sen ice
amorphousThe amorphous ice was a strange and wonderful sight to behold.
powderedThe bartender filled the glass with powdered ice
freshwaterThe ice cube tray made perfect cubes of freshwater ice
crystallineThe crystalline ice glistened in the sunlight.
shoreThe shore ice was thick enough to walk on.
unbrokenThe unbroken ice stretched far and wide across the frozen lake.
brittleThe brittle ice cracked beneath his feet.
grayThe surface of the frozen lake was covered in gray ice
massiveThe rising temperatures are melting the massive ice caps.
intracellularThe formation of intracellular ice can be a major cause of cryoinjury.
compactThe climber used an ice ax to chip away at the compact ice
thinnerThe skater glided cautiously over the thinner ice

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