Adjectives for Icon

Adjectives For Icon

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing icon, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the use of adjectives with the noun 'icon' illuminates the diverse contexts and nuances these descriptors impart. A 'cultural icon' can evoke a sense of shared identity and heritage, while a 'small icon' might refer to a minimalistic symbol with powerful significance. The phrase 'new icon' suggests innovation and emerging status in various fields, such as technology or fashion. Meanwhile, an 'American icon' embodies the essence of American culture and ideals, and a 'little icon' can signify something cherished that is compact in size. Lastly, a 'national icon' holds a place of honor and pride for an entire country, symbolizing common values and history. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can enrich your understanding of 'icon' and their distinct shades of meaning below.
culturalPeople all over the world recognize this dish as a cultural icon of America.
smallThe small icon on the screen represents the application.
newThe store found a new icon on the internet.
littleThe little icon on the screen caught my eye.
nationalShe is a national icon and has been praised for her work with various charities.
appropriatePlease click the appropriate icon to continue.
religiousThe guide explained the history behind the religious icon
singleHe is an indispensable single icon in the Indian cricket world.
popularThe popular icon inspired people to follow their dreams.
specialThe special icon was designed to be easily recognizable.
tinyHe clicked the tiny icon on the right corner of the screen.
russianI saw a beautiful Russian icon at the museum
centralThe painting was a central icon of the church.
displayThe display icon was placed on the screen.
redThe red icon indicated that the file was corrupted.
century"The Beatles" were a century icon`
holyThe holy icon was placed prominently on the altar.
sacredThe sacred icon was placed reverently in the center of the altar.
keyI clicked the key icon to unlock the door.
verbalThe verbal icon is a symbol or image that represents a word or concept.
famousThe famous icon was a symbol of hope for many people.
byzantineThe church was decorated with elaborate byzantine icons.
hardThe hard icon was difficult to crack.
originalThe very heart of New York's flatiron district is the original icon - the Flatiron Building.
visualThe Eiffel Tower is a visual icon of Paris.
powerfulThis actress has become a powerful icon in the fashion world.
miraculousThe miraculous icon was said to have healing powers.
greenThe green icon is a reminder to save energy.
yellowI saw a yellow icon next to the file name.
soundClick on the sound icon to hear the word.
correspondingYou can click the corresponding icon to share , download or delete the file.
standardThe standard icon for the company is a red circle with a white cross in the middle.
blueThe blue icon on the screen indicated that the file was corrupted.
internationalHe is an international icon displaying his work at multiple art galleries around the U.S.
genericThe generic icon was simple and easy to understand.
workingThe tech giant's working icon has remained unchanged for years.
familiarThis familiar icon is widely recognized across the globe.
graphicThe graphic icon was simple but effective.
gayMadonna is a gay icon
deleteClick the delete icon to remove this item from your list.
femaleBeyoncé is a female icon who inspires millions of people around the world.
feministThe famous actress is considered a feminist icon by many.
shapedThe shaped icon can be used to represent a variety of concepts or objects.
literaryThe literary icon's words have inspired generations of readers.
arrowClick the arrow icon to expand the section.
windowsClick on the windows icon on the left hand corner of the screen.
uniqueThe software is known for its unique icon and intuitive interface.
globalBeyonce is a true global icon admired by millions around the world.
itemThe item icon is a small image that represents an item in a game.
ultimateThe empire's ultimate icon of power is the grand Basilica of St. Peter.
perfectThe Mona Lisa is considered the perfect icon of Renaissance art.
fourthClick on the fourth icon from the left.
lineThe line icon is a simple and effective way to represent an idea or concept.
plusI clicked on the plus icon to add a new item to the list.
closeThe close icon is located in the upper right corner of the window.
fileI clicked the file icon to open the document.
copyThe copy icon is located in the top right corner.
classic"Pac-Man" is a classic icon of the 1980s video game era.
closedI closed the app by clicking on the red closed icon
squareThe square icon was in the top right corner.
belovedThe beloved icon of old Hollywood graced the silver screen for decades.
mailI clicked on the mail icon and opened my inbox.
musicalThe musical icon inspired generations with their timeless melodies.
createYou can create icons and different sizes with this online tool.

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