Adjectives for Iii

Adjectives For Iii

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing iii, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

When discussing the nucleus of diverse entities, the usage of adjectives with the noun 'III' unveils a spectrum of distinct connotations and depths. Descriptors like 'part', 'dsm', and 'htlv' enrich 'III' with specifics of components, standards, or categorizations, illustrating its multifaceted nature. The adjectives 'plate', 'class', and 'grade' further diversify its meaning, suggesting applications in contexts from science to society. Each choice of adjective not only modifies 'III' but also opens a window into the subtle nuances that influence interpretation and understanding. Delve deeper into the intricate world of 'III' and discover the full list of adjectives that define its many dimensions below.
partPart iii of the novel was the most exciting.
htlvI have never heard of htlv iii before.
platePlease refer to plate iii for the detailed information.
classThe problem is known to class iii
gradeThe patient had a grade iii brain tumor.
leadThe electrocardiogram showed lead iii changes consistent with a posterior myocardial infarction.
complexComplex iii also known as cytochrome c reductase, is a multi-subunit protein complex involved in the electron transport chain.
pileserPileser iii was a powerful Assyrian king who ruled from 745 to 727 BCE.
lymphotropicThe lymphotropic iii virus is a type of human T-cell leukemia virus.
compareThe compare iii command is used to compare three values.
digitI wrote the digit iii on the paper
futureMy father is a future iii at IBM.
antithrombinAntithrombin iii is a naturally occurring protein that inhibits thrombin and other serine proteases in the blood.
curveThe doctor recommended that the patient follow the curve iii of the creatine kinase test.
emperorEmperor iii the ruler of the Galactic Empire, was a wise and benevolent leader.
typeDoctor Brown explained that this was a Type iii temporal paradox.
cellThe prisoner was locked in cell iii
functionalHer functional iii was much improved following the surgery.
hetepHetep iii was the last ruler of the Sixth Dynasty of Egypt.
pageThe book's preface is located on page iii
quadrantThe point (-3, -4) lies on quadrant iii
secThe sec iii is a type of Roman numeral representing the number three.
genusThe genus iii tomato plant is a type of tomato that is typically used for canning.
apocThe book of Apoc iii tells a dark tale of love, loss, and redemption.
stageThe cancer has progressed to stage iii
pneumococcusPneumococcus iii is a type of bacteria that can cause pneumonia.
reviewerAsreviewer iii didn'trespond, theedit was approved.
opticOptic iii is a type of nerve damage that affects the optic nerve.
testThe test iii was successful.

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