Adjectives for Image

Adjectives For Image

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing image, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an image can significantly alter the perception and emotion it conveys. An own image evokes a sense of personal connection, while a public image speaks to widespread recognition. A mental image dives into the imagination, whereas a visual image emphasizes the aesthetic or graphical element. The power of a positive image in uplifting spirits contrasts sharply with the originality and authenticity brought forth by an original image. Each adjective adds a unique shade of meaning, enhancing the narrative around the noun 'image.' Explore the full spectrum of adjectives to uncover the nuances they bring.
ownThe artist created a self-portrait in his own image
publicThe artist's public image was carefully crafted to appeal to a wide audience.
mentalHe had a vivid mental image of the crime scene.
visualThe visual image caught her attention.
positiveThe company has a positive image in the community.
originalThe original image is stored in the database.
negativeThe negative image shows the dark areas as light.
singleThat single image has changed my life
selfHer negative self image led to severe anxiety.
finalThe final image was beautiful.
weightedI added a weighted image to my blog post to make it more visually appealing.
retinalThe retinal image is inverted by the lens of the eye.
realThe image projected onto the screen is a real image
divineThe divine image was a symbol of hope and strength for the people.
veryShe is the very image of her father.
popularThe popular image of a scientist is of a person in a white coat working in a laboratory.
clearThe clear image showed every detail of the painting.
photographicThe photographic image captured the beauty of the moment.
virtualThe virtual image is located behind the mirror.
latentThe latent image in the film was revealed when it was developed.
afterThe bright light left an after image embedded in his vision.
perfectThe artist's painting was a perfect image of the serene landscape.
digitalThe digital image was so clear, I could see every detail.
trueThe true image of the Mona Lisa can be found in the Louvre Museum in Paris.
entireThe entire image is taken up by a large tree.
centralThe central image of the painting is a young woman with long, flowing hair.
idealThe ideal image of a perfect family is often portrayed in the media.
invertedThe inverted image appeared on the screen.
corporateThe company is working to improve its corporate image
traditionalThe traditional image of a farmer is of a man in overalls and a straw hat.
falseThe image is a false image
gravenI have never worshipped any graven image
powerfulThe painting depicted a powerful image of a solitary figure standing against a stormy sky.
axialAxial image of the brain less precise in focal abnormality.
vividThe writer's vivid image of a sunset painted a mental picture that transported me to the beach.
sagittalThe sagittal image shows a clear view of the patient's spine.
distortedThe distorted image made it difficult to identify the person.
sharpThe sharp image depicted every detail of the bird's plumage.
opticalThe optical image provided a clear view of the distant galaxy.
graphicThe graphic image on the screen was too disturbing for me to watch.
visibleYou can see a visible image of the object on the screen.
beautifulThe painting was a beautiful image of summer.
goldenThe golden image shimmered in the sunlight.
compositeThe composite image was made up of many different smaller images.
professionalThe professional image of the company was tarnished by the scandal.
doubleThe ghostly apparition flickered and multiplied, creating an eerie double image in the dim light.
blurredThe blurred image obscured the details of the crime scene.
woodenThe wooden image stood sentinel in the ancient temple.
dominantThe dominant image in the painting is of a beautiful woman.
coronalThe coronal image shows a large coronal hole near the sun's equator.
reconstructedThe reconstructed image revealed striking details of the ancient artifact.
favorableThe company has a favorable image among its customers.
brightThe bright image burned into my retinas.
sacredThe sacred image was placed in the center of the temple.
overallThe overall image is one of growth and prosperity.
rayThe radiologist analyzed the ray image to check for any abnormalities.
distinctThe photograph had a distinct image of a person smiling in the foreground.
exactThe boy's drawing was an exact image of his favorite dinosaur.
concreteThe concrete image of the old house loomed large in my rearview mirror.
familiarThe familiar image of the house brought back many memories.
magneticThe magnetic image is incredibly powerful.
strikingThe striking image of the desolate landscape haunted her dreams.

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