Adjectives for Implementation

Adjectives For Implementation

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing implementation, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe the implementation of a plan or idea can profoundly affect the reader's understanding and expectations. A successful implementation conveys achievement and fulfillment, while an effective one communicates the process's proficiency and functionality. Discussing an actual implementation grounds the concept in reality, offering tangible evidence of its existence. A full implementation suggests a thorough and complete approach, leaving no stone unturned. The term practical brings a sense of pragmatism and usefulness, implying that the implementation is not only theoretical. Lastly, an efficient implementation hints at the optimization of resources and time. Each adjective opens a different perspective. For a deeper understanding, explore the full list of adjectives associated with 'implementation' below.
successfulThe successful implementation of the new system resulted in a significant increase in productivity.
effectiveEffective implementation of strategies can yield positive outcomes.
actualThe actual implementation of the system will be carried out in the next phase.
fullThe software should be ready for full implementation by the end of the month.
practicalThe practical implementation of the software was a success.
efficientAn efficient implementation can be achieved by using the right data structures and algorithms.
currentWe'll need to change the current implementation
properProper implementation is key to the success of any project.
parallelThe parallel implementation of the algorithm significantly sped up processing.
initialThe initial implementation of the project was not successful.
particularThe particular implementation of the algorithm is not important.
specificThe specific implementation of the algorithm is described in the documentation.
immediateThe revised policy requires immediate implementation
possibleThis is a possible implementation of the requested functionality.
physicalThe physical implementation of the plan is still in progress.
simpleThe simple implementation makes it easy to use.
directThe company is committed to the direct implementation of its new security policy
basedThe based implementation is a great starting point for your project.
rapidThe rapid implementation of the new system greatly improved efficiency.
finalThe final implementation is expected to be completed by the end of the month
numericalWe present the numerical implementation finding exact Jacobians for large-scale polynomial systems.
jointJoint implementation is a flexible mechanism allowing Annex I Parties to implement projects jointly to reduce their emissions.
correctThe correct implementation of the new system will improve efficiency.
poorThe poor implementation of the new system caused numerous errors.
concreteThe concrete implementation of the algorithm is provided in the following code snippet.
widespreadDue to its widespread implementation the technology is familiar to many people around the world.
subsequentThe subsequent implementation of the new system was successful.
smoothThe project was a success thanks to its smooth implementation
partialThe partial implementation of the new system caused a few glitches.
speedyThe speedy implementation of the new system ensured a smooth transition for users.
postAn evaluation of the system post implementation revealed several areas for improvement.
detailedThe detailed implementation of the project is outlined in the attached document.
consistentConsistent implementation is key to ensuring successful outcomes.
betterThe application will run smoother with better implementation of the code.
straightforwardThe straightforward implementation made the task easier.
futureThe future implementation of this system will include new features.
technicalThe technical implementation of the new system was completed on time and within budget.
standardThe standard implementation of the system uses a hierarchical structure.
easyThe application has an easy implementation
gradualThe gradual implementation of the new system will take several months.
typicalA typical implementation of a heap is to use a complete binary tree.
strictCompliance with the guidelines is subject to strict implementation
levelThe level implementation is complete and efficient.
digitalThe digital implementation of the algorithm is not as efficient as the analog version.
empiricalThe empirical implementation demonstrated the effectiveness of the proposed approach.
underlyingThe underlying implementation of the algorithm is based on a divide-and-conquer approach.
appropriateThe appropriate implementation of the guidelines resulted in a successful outcome.
overallThe overall implementation of the system was successful.
eventualThe eventual implementation of the new system will require extensive testing.
alternative"It is only when the cloud provider imposes strict SLAs that alternative implementation becomes necessary."
sequentialSequential implementation is a programming technique that executes instructions in a predefined order.
experimentalThe experimental implementation of the new algorithm yielded promising results.
carefulThe careful implementation of the new policy proved beneficial in reducing errors.
systematicThe systematic implementation of the new process has improved efficiency by 20%.
timelyThe timely implementation of the new software led to increased productivity.
opticalThe optical implementation using spatial light modulator was experimentally demonstrated to achieve resolution beyond Abbe’s diffraction limit.
quickThe quick implementation of the new software led to significant efficiency gains.
slowThe slow implementation of the new software caused significant delays in the project.
distributedThe distributed implementation across multiple servers ensures high availability and scalability.
fastOur innovative solution enables fast implementation ensuring swift and efficient deployment.
preWith pre implementation planning, the team was able to avoid many potential problems.
administrativeThe administrative implementation of the new policy was met with resistance from some employees.
operationalThe operational implementation of the new system was successful.
progressiveThe progressive implementation of the new system has been met with mixed reactions.
simplestThe simplest implementation is often the best.
vigorousThe vigorous implementation of the new policy has led to significant improvements in efficiency.
dayThe day implementation of the new software is expected to be completed next month.
computationalThe compilation of a computational implementation of this algorithm has been shown to be effective.
adequateThe adequate implementation of the new system resolved the previous issues.
continuedThe continued implementation of the project ensured its timely completion.
inadequateThe inadequate implementation of the new system has resulted in numerous delays.

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