Adjectives for Improvement

Adjectives For Improvement

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing improvement, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the quest for excellence, the term 'improvement' often finds itself surrounded by a variety of adjectives, each bringing its own shade of meaning and emphasis. When we describe improvement as 'significant' or 'great,' we not only convey the magnitude but also the impact it has on the wider context. 'Continuous' improvement, on the other hand, highlights the ongoing nature of progress, suggesting an unending journey toward betterment. 'Further' improvement nods to the existence of progress while pointing towards the potential for more. 'Marked' and 'considerable' improvements stress the visibility and substantiality of change, respectively. Each adjective, thus, draws a distinct line in the sand concerning the nature and impression of the improvement made. Dive deeper to explore the full spectrum of adjectives enhancing the noun 'improvement' just below.
significantThe patient's condition showed significant improvement after the surgery.
greatThe company has seen great improvement in sales over the past year.
continuousOur team is committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of our work.
furtherContinuous further improvement forms the basis of contemporary quality management systems.
markedThere has been a marked improvement in my health since I started exercising.
considerableThis treatment method showed considerable improvement in patient's health.
clinicalHer pain showed clinical improvement after two weeks of treatment.
generalThe company has seen a general improvement in its financial performance over the past few years.
substantialDespite consistent setbacks, the company showed substantial improvement in its quarterly earnings.
littleThe patient showed little improvement even after prolonged treatment.
rapidThe patient's health showed rapid improvement after the surgery.
moralThe book focuses on the moral improvement of its readers.
slightThere was a slight improvement in her condition after the first course of treatment.
gradualThe gradual improvement in their sales figures was a positive sign for the company.
dramaticMy memory has shown dramatic improvement since starting the new medication.
muchThis student's English skills have shown much improvement
vastSarah's vast improvement on the report finally impressed her boss.
selfShe is dedicated to her self improvement
steadyThe company's steady improvement in efficiency led to a significant increase in productivity.
realThe new treatment shows real improvement in patient outcomes.
internalThe government's focus on internal improvements helped develop infrastructure.
economicThe economic improvement in the region has been attributed to the increase in tourism.
majorThe new technology had a major improvement in its performance.
progressiveThe student showed progressive improvement in his math skills.
greaterThe physician observed a greater improvement in the patient's overall well-being after the treatment regime was implemented.
agriculturalOur agricultural improvement is increasing recently.
immediateThe immediate improvement in his health was evident.
overallThe student showed an overall improvement in his language skills.
symptomaticThe patient's symptomatic improvement was noted after one week of treatment.
continualWe must focus on continual improvement in order to stay ahead of the competition.
definiteThe team's performance has recently shown a definite improvement
environmentalEnvironmental improvement requires collective effort and responsible actions.
remarkableThere has been remarkable improvement on my skin.
intellectualShe was a woman of considerable intellectual improvement and was greatly respected by all who knew her.
permanentThe permanent improvement of our facilities has increased efficiency and reduced costs.
greatestThe student has made the greatest improvement in their math skills.
temporaryThe temporary improvement in his health was short-lived.
constantConstant improvement is key to success in any endeavor.
possibleThere is possible improvement to be made.
distinctThis process has seen a distinct improvement since the last quarter.
mentalMeditation and reading can help with mental improvement
technologicalThanks to technological improvement our lives have become more convenient.
continuedTheir continued improvement is a testament to their dedication and commitment.
geneticGenetic improvement plays a crucial role in advancing agricultural practices.
noticeableThere was a noticeable improvement in the quality of the product after the new process was implemented.
futureWe look forward to future improvement in this area.
technicalThe technical improvement was remarkable.
qualitativeThe qualitative improvement in the customer service was noticeable.
spontaneousThe patient's condition showed spontaneous improvement after the surgery.
termThe company has announced term improvement for the bonds due in 2024.
functionalThe functional improvement in last year's model made an incredible difference in its overall performance.
modestThe company has seen modest improvement in sales over the past quarter
slowThe patient showed slow improvement over the course of the week.
apparentThe patient's apparent improvement was short-lived.
educationalEducational improvement is an ongoing process that involves the development and implementation of new strategies to enhance teaching and learning.
subjectiveThe patient reported subjective improvement in their symptoms after starting treatment.
radicalThe scientist's research led to a radical improvement in our understanding of the universe.
correspondingWe observed a corresponding improvement in our results.
civicThe civic improvement movement is a 20th-century phenomenon.
potentialThere is potential improvement in the quality of the product.
relativeYour overall grade has shown relative improvement
notableThe patient's condition showed notable improvement after the treatment.
strikingThe student showed a striking improvement in his grades after extra tutoring.
mutualOur study group meets weekly to discuss ideas and foster mutual improvement
subsequentWith subsequent improvement in her health, she was able to return to work.
incrementalThe company's incremental improvement in efficiency resulted in significant cost savings.
obviousHis performance shows obvious improvement compared to last month.
instructionalInstructional improvement is the process of improving the quality of instruction in order to increase student learning.
tremendousThe student has shown tremendous improvement in his math skills.
moderateWe have seen moderate improvement in the patient's condition.
appreciableHe made appreciable improvement in his painting skills.
marginalThe marginal improvement in the AI's performance was not enough to justify the investment in new hardware.

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