Adjectives for Inch

Adjectives For Inch

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing inch, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the nuances of adjectives associated with the word 'inch' can greatly enrich one's expression and precision in both writing and conversation. Terms like 'half,' 'cubic,' and 'square' inch offer insight into dimensions, capacity, or area, hinting at the physical space or volume something occupies. 'Single' and 'quarter' inch, on the other hand, emphasize measurements that often relate to depth, length, or even the minuscule margins by which something can be judged or adjusted. Utilizing these adjectives with 'inch' allows for a detailed and nuanced expression of size or quantity, proving the power of precision in language. Delve into the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'inch' to explore the exactitude they bring to descriptions.
cubicThe engine has a displacement of 350 cubic inches.
squareThe area of the paper is 10 square inches.
singleMake sure your dress is hemmed to within a single inch of the floor.
quarterCut the ends of the wires to a quarter inch length.
fourthI measured the thickness of the wood to be a fourth inch
lastShe didn't want to give up when she was just a last inch away from her goal.
linearThe linear inch is a unit of length equal to one-twelfth of a foot.
eighthThe wood was cut to an eighth inch thickness.
nearestThe length is 5 nearest inch
fullThe snake was a full inch thick.
availableThe available inch was just enough to fit the object in.
extraHe needed an extra inch to reach the top shelf.
eighthsThe carpenter measured the wood to be three-eighths inch thick.
additionalThe additional inch of height gave him an advantage in the basketball game.
topThe top inch of the cake batter was brown.
fourthsThe board is three-fourths inch thick.
sixteenthThe metal plate was only a sixteenth inch thick.
oneThe ruler was only one inch long.
sixHe grabbed the six inch ruler and measured the table.
threeThe ruler is three inches long.
circularThe circular inch is a unit of area used in the United States customary system.
scantThe two armies were separated by a mere scant inch
fourThe cat jumped four inches off the ground.
painfulEvery painful inch closer to the peak makes the view all the more worth it.
mereThe cat jumped a mere inch to land on the counter.
sixteenthsThe tolerance is sixteenths inch
verticalThe height of the window was measured to be 10 vertical inches.
bareHe missed the target by a bare inch
twoThe wooden plank was two inches thick.
equalThe two pieces of paper have equal inches.
fifthThe fifth inch of the ruler marked the end of the drawing.
eightThe eight inch nail was too long for the project.
acreThe farmer decided to water his crops using 10 acre inches of water per week.
bottomHe could see the ripple marks in the sand at the bottom inch of the water.
perThe cost of the fabric is $10 per inch
spareThe couch was so small that there was not a spare inch of room on it.
tenthThe tiny screw was only a tenth inch long.
fiveThe bookshelf is five inches tall.
horizontalThe horizontal inch was measured to be 2.54 centimeters.
twelveThe carpenter used a twelve inch ruler to measure the wood.
sixthThe nail only went in about a sixth inch
tallShe is tall reaching six feet tall inch
tenShe was wearing ten inch heels.

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