Adjectives for Income

Adjectives For Income

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing income, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the nuances of adjectives paired with the noun income can greatly refine the context in which it's used. For instance, national income refers to the total earnings of a country, emphasizing the macroeconomic perspective. In contrast, net income dives into the specifics of what remains after deductions, highlighting profitability. Total and gross income give a holistic view before any deductions, while annual and taxable income frame earnings in terms of yearly assessment and tax obligations. Each adjective unveils a distinct dimension of financial health and obligations. Explore the complete spectrum of adjectives that bring life to the noun 'income' below.
nationalThe national income of the country has increased by 5% in the last year.
netThe company's net income decreased by 10% in the last quarter.
totalThe company's total income for the year was $10 million.
grossThe company's gross income was $1 million last year.
annualMy annual income is $50,000.
taxableJohn's taxable income was 20,000.
lowMany low income families are struggling to make ends meet.
realThe median household's real income has barely budged since 2000.
averageThe average income in the United States is around $60,000 per year.
disposableHe spends most of his disposable income on expensive cars.
personalBoth personal income and corporate profits rose in the United States during the 20th century.
medianThe median income for the city is $50,000.
currentTo calculate your current income add up all the money you have earned in the past 12 months.
higherA higher income is not always a guarantee of a higher quality of life.
monthlyMy current monthly income is $5,000.
ordinaryThe lawyer's ordinary income includes fees received for legal services.
additionalI am looking for ways to earn additional income
lowerMany lower income families struggle to make ends meet.
futureI plan to save a portion of my future income for retirement.
yearlyOur yearly income is more than 100,000 USD.
extraI'm looking for ways to generate extra income
regularI need a regular income to support my family.
agriculturalThe government provides subsidies for agricultural income
middleWe don't have a middle income
fixedThe fixed income market has been volatile in recent months.
unearnedThe unearned income from investments made up a large portion of his wealth.
steadyHe was able to maintain a steady income after he got a stable job.
aggregateThe aggregate income of the population has been steadily rising over the past decade.
sufficientI was able to retire early because I had sufficient income
minimumThe minimum income required to live comfortably in this city is quite high.
meanThe mean income in the United States is around $60,000 per year.
corporateThe corporate income tax is a tax levied on the net income of corporations.
permanentPermanent income is the income that an individual or household is likely to receive over their lifetime.
adequateWe need to find a job that provides an adequate income
taxThe tax income will be used to fund public services.
enoughThe business generates enough income to cover the expenses.
moderateFamilies with moderate incomes are often eligible for government assistance.
nominalThe nominal income of the employee increased by 10% during the past year.
substantialThe company had a substantial income increase last quarter, which led to an increase in its stock price.
lessI am facing several difficulties due to less income
highestHe is expected to have an income of over $100,000 and this is the highest income in the company.
passiveI'm working towards having a steady stream of passive income
modestThe family lived on a modest income
weeklyI received a weekly income of $500.
rentalRental income from the property was higher than expected.
capitaThe country's capita income is higher than before.
discretionaryOur discretionary income will allow us to take a vacation this year.
exemptThe exempt income is not subject to taxation.
farmHis farm income increased significantly due to the bumper harvest.
comfortableThe couple enjoyed a comfortable income after both securing high-paying jobs.
employmentEmployment income is the money you earn from your job.
residualThe company's residual income which is the net income minus the required return on equity, was $1 million.
comprehensiveThe company's comprehensive income for the year was $1 million.
familyThe family income is increasing due to the increase in the number of working population.
meagerTheir meager income made it difficult to pay the bills.
earnedThe money that you earn from working is called earned income
monetaryThe family's only monetary income was from the father's job.
unrelatedThe unrelated income was not enough to cover the expenses.
undistributedUndistributed income is the net income of a corporation after all expenses, taxes, and dividends have been paid.
pretaxOur pretax income for the first quarter was $10 million.
parentalThe parental income levels in this area are quite high.
inadequateThe family struggles to make ends meet due to inadequate income

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