Adjectives for Index

Adjectives For Index

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing index, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an index can significantly change the message conveyed. Whether it's a refractive index pointing to optical characteristics, a high or low index indicating performance levels, a general index providing an overview, or a subject index for specialized information, each adjective brings its distinct nuance. Not to forget, the organization of data, as in an alphabetical index, which suggests order and accessibility. These nuances enrich the conversation, offering precise insights into the data or topics at hand. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives applied to indexes and their implications in the detailed list below.
refractiveThe refractive index of the material determines how much light is bent when it passes through.
highThe new material has a high index of refraction.
generalThe general index of the book provides quick access to important information.
subjectYou can use the subject index to look up articles on a specific topic.
lowThe low index value in this data set indicates a low level of variability.
alphabeticalThe alphabetical index will help you quickly find the information you need.
compositeThis composite index contains multiple columns for faster data retrieval.
cardiacThe patient's cardiac index was 2.5 liters per minute per square meter.
cephalicThe cephalic index of a population is a measure of the average head shape.
cumulativeThe cumulative index for the first five years is available online.
wholesaleWholesale index value of November, 2022 is around 159.11%.
averageThe average index of the array is 5.
completeThe complete index includes all the books in the library.
annualThe central bank will publish its annual index of consumer prices tomorrow.
reliableThe reliable index showed a significant increase in sales.
usefulThe book has a useful index that makes it easy to find information.
higherThe higher index of the two values means it is more important.
detailedThe book has a detailed index that makes it easy to find information.
overallOverall index for the year was 100.
lowerThe lower index of the array is 0.
comprehensiveThe comprehensive index included a wide range of topics.
weightedThe weighted index of the stock market has been rising steadily over the past few months.
meanThe mean index of the students in the class was 75%.
relativeThe scores of the three students had a relative index that was calculated by dividing the average score of the three by each student's score.
mitoticThe mitotic index was calculated as the percentage of cells in mitosis.
livingThe living index in this city is relatively high.
copiousThe book featured a copious index making it easy to find specific information.
glycemicThe glycemic index of a food is a measure of how quickly it raises blood sugar levels.
sensitiveThe sensitive index is a measure of how sensitive a population is to a particular stimulus.
separateHe highlighted the evidence from the separate index
retailThe retail index has risen by 2.5% in the past year.
accurateThe accurate index helped researchers identify key data points.
excellentThis student has an excellent index in his class.
effectiveAn effective index enhances data retrieval efficiency in a database system.
nasalThe nasal index of the population is 85.
roughI was surprised by the rough index marks on the newly printed book.
appropriateThe appropriate index for this variable is five.
clusteredWe clustered the table to improve query performance by efficiently retrieving data from the clustered index
analyticalThe analytical index showed a significant increase in sales during the last quarter.
officialThe official index for the stock market rose by 5 points today.
uniqueThe table has a unique index on the `name` column.
gradedThe graded index fiber has the highest bandwidth and is the most expensive to produce.
leftHe pointed at the suspect with his left index finger.
complexThe complex index in the database helped us to improve the performance of the query.
seasonalThe seasonal index for this product category is 1.2, indicating that sales are 20% higher during the peak season.
highestThe highest index in the list is 10.
bodyThe body index of the population has increased in recent years.
basedThe based index is used to access elements in an array.
monthlyThe monthly index is updated on the 15th of each month.
numericalThe player with the higher numerical index wins the game.
fairThe fair index ensured that all candidates were evaluated on an equal footing.
stepThe fiber is a step index type with the same refractive index for the core and the cladding.
extensiveThe third edition included an extensive index
valuableThe valuable index makes research easier for professors and students.
globalThe Global index can be used to provide a more holistic view of global sustainability performance.
quantitativeThe quantitative index of the paper was 0.78.
brachialThe brachial index is a measurement of the ratio of blood pressure in the brachial artery to that in the ankle.
correspondingThe corresponding index in the source sentence is 5.
topicalThe topical index at the back of the book can direct you to specific information.
aggregateThe aggregate index was calculated by summing the individual indices for each item.
geographicalThe geographical index of the book was very helpful.
facialResearchers have developed a way to predict the facial index from a person's DNA.
lowestThis is the lowest index sentence.

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