Adjectives for Individual

Adjectives For Individual

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing individual, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an individual can profoundly impact the message you're conveying. Terms such as single, same, particular, private, and normal each shade the noun with unique nuances. 'Single' might emphasize independence or solitude, while 'same' suggests commonality. 'Particular' highlights distinctiveness, 'private' underscores confidentiality, and 'normal' may either affirm conformity or challenge deviations. Not to forget the aspect of being human, which adds layers of complexity, emotion, and frailty. The adjectives we choose to pair with 'individual' mirror our perceptions and biases, inviting introspection on our part. Dive deeper into the subtleties and discover the full spectrum of adjectives that reveal the multifaceted nature of an individual.
singleA single individual can make a big difference.
sameThe same individual was spotted in the area yesterday.
particularI am looking for a particular individual who can help me with my research.
privateThe private individual preferred to remain anonymous.
normalShe is a normal individual who lives a quiet life.
humanThe human individual was born with a rare genetic disorder.
averageThe average individual is likely to consume a significant amount of media during their lifetime.
healthyThe healthy individual was able to recover quickly from the illness.
specificThe specific individual was identified by the police.
uniqueEvery human being is a unique individual with their own set of talents and abilities.
isolatedThe isolated individual struggled to cope with their loneliness.
freeThe free individual is one who is not subject to the dictates of others.
infectedThe infected individual was quarantined immediately.
ordinaryThe ordinary individual accomplished an extraordinary feat.
autonomousThe autonomous individual has the ability to make their own decisions and choices.
separateThe committee members are separate individuals with their own opinions.
solitaryThe solitary individual wandered through the empty streets, lost in thought.
olderThe older individual was wise and experienced.
creativeThe creative individual has a knack for finding new and innovative ways to solve problems.
matureThe mature individual displayed impeccable judgment and unwavering integrity.
rationalThe rational individual carefully considered the options before making a decision.
independentShe is an independent individual who makes her own decisions.
elderlyThe elderly individual was struggling to cross the street.
concreteThe concrete individual had a strong impact on the team.
affectedThe affected individual was given a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.
responsibleThe responsible individual is ultimately accountable for the project's success.
powerfulThe powerful individual commanded respect from all who knew him.
rareHe is truly a rare individual who stands by his morals and values.
disabledThe disabled individual faced many challenges in his life.
sensitiveHe is a sensitive individual which makes him prone to being easily hurt.
intelligentThe intelligent individual quickly grasped the complex scientific concept.
consciousThe conscious individual is one who is aware of their own thoughts, feelings, and actions.
exceptionalThe exceptional individual stood out from their peers with remarkable abilities and unwavering dedication.
distinctEach person present was a distinct individual with unique characteristics.
typicalThe typical individual born in 1955 is expected to live around 80 years.
qualifiedThe human resources department seeks to hire a qualified individual for the newly created position.
susceptibleThe susceptible individual is more likely to develop the disease.
giftedThe gifted individual excelled in all academic subjects.
agedThe aged individual pondered the complexities of life.
lookingThe man with the tattoo was a looking individual
loneThe lone individual stood out in the crowd.
handicappedThe handicapped individual was able to overcome many challenges.
unfortunateThe unfortunate individual wandered aimlessly through the desolate streets.
humbleThe humble individual did not speak until they were asked directly.
wealthyThe wealthy individual donated millions of dollars to the charity.
injuredThe injured individual was rushed to the hospital.
competentThe competent individual handled the situation with ease.
mindedThe forward-minded individual embraced the new technology.
depressedThe depressed individual felt a profound sense of hopelessness.
neuroticThe neurotic individual paced anxiously back and forth, his mind racing with worries.
illThe ill individual was unable to attend the meeting.
dominantThe dominant individual in the group was often responsible for making decisions.
tallThe tall individual was standing out in the crowd.
abstractThe abstract individual is a philosophical concept that refers to an individual that is not tied to any particular time or place.
unknownThe unknown individual walked into the room.
dependentThe dependent individual requires constant care and assistance.
distinguishedThe distinguished individual was honored for his lifelong dedication to the field of education.
finiteThe finite individual has a limited lifespan and a finite number of resources.
obeseThe obese individual struggled to navigate the narrow aisles of the store.
extraordinaryThe extraordinary individual displayed unparalleled courage in the face of adversity
occasionalThe occasional individual may experience side effects.
representativeThe representative individual was chosen to speak on behalf of the group.

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