Adjectives for Industries

Adjectives For Industries

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing industries, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the varied landscape of industries reveals the impactful role adjectives play in shaping our understanding and perceptions. Descriptors such as 'other,' 'new,' 'many,' 'small,' 'certain,' and 'heavy' not only categorize these sectors but also highlight their unique characteristics and challenges. From the burgeoning potential of 'new industries' to the robust dynamics of 'heavy industries,' each term opens a window into the economic, technological, and social intricacies that define them. The precise use of adjectives brings to life the diversity and specificity of the industrial world, inviting a deeper exploration into what makes each sector stand out. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'industries' and uncover the nuanced distinctions they reveal.
otherOur company provides services to other industries
newThe rapid development of new industries has led to a surge in job opportunities.
manyModern methods of advertising are used in many industries like marketing, entertainment, and politics.
smallSmall industries are often overlooked, but they can play a vital role in the economy.
certainThere are certain industries that are more likely to succeed than others.
heavyHeavy industries are the backbone of many economies.
variousWe can see the use of technology in various industries
differentCompanies from different industries are working together to solve complex problems.
majorMajor industries in the region include agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism.
basicLarge iron and steel mills are owned by basic industries
localThe local industries are thriving.
intensiveIntensive industries require large amounts of capital and technology.
mostMost industries have been impacted by the recent economic downturn.
scaleScale industries are labor-intensive and produce a limited range of products on a small scale.
domesticGovernment subsidies and policies support domestic industries
importantImportant industries include food processing, textiles, chemicals, machinery, and tourism.
particularThere are particular industries that have been hit hard by the pandemic.
keyKey industries in region include: manufacturing, healthcare, and tourism.
traditionalChina's traditional industries such as automobiles, steel, and energy consumption face significant challenges.
relatedArtificial intelligence is used in various related industries such as healthcare, finance, and manufacturing.
specificFinancial advisors help their clients in specific industries make informed decisions about their investments.
ruralSmall-scale rural industries contribute significantly to local economies.
extractiveThe extractive industries have been a major source of economic growth for many developing countries.
individualNumerous individual industries have benefited from the rise of the internet.
agriculturalAgricultural industries are facing many challenges in the 21st century.
primaryPrimary industries are the sectors of the economy that produce raw materials.
modernModern industries are increasingly relying on automation and technology to streamline their operations.
lightLight industries such as electronics assembly and garment manufacturing, were once common in this area.
competitiveMany competitive industries are facing a shortage of skilled labor.
secondaryVarious secondary industries thrived in the region, including metalworking, textiles, and food processing.
techThe tech industries are booming.
culturalThe cultural industries are a major driver of economic growth in many countries.
infantThe government supports infant industries by subsidizing them.
principalThe principal industries of the region are agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing.
japaneseJapanese industries are known for their high quality and innovation.
orientedThe four geographically oriented industries in Las Vegas are manufacturing, government, construction, and tourism.
chiefThe chief industries are fishing, farming, and tourism.
electricalMany electrical industries are moving towards automation to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
regulatedThe government tightly supervises activities within regulated industries
indianThe Indian industries are growing rapidly.
protectedProtected industries are a controversial issue in international trade.
concentratedConcentrated industries are characterized by a small number of large firms that control a majority of the market share.
automotiveThe automotive industries are constantly evolving and innovating.
strategicThe government is focusing on developing strategic industries such as the defense and technology sectors.
essentialHealthcare, food production, and energy production are essential industries that need to remain operational during a crisis.
metallurgicalMetallurgical industries are industries that involve the extraction, processing, and manufacturing of metals.
pharmaceuticalWith the advancement of technology, the pharmaceutical industries have made significant progress in developing new and effective drugs.
largestAutomotive, electronics, and chemicals are among the country's largest industries
olderThe factory is one of the remnants of older industries in this town.
ownedThe company owned industries in several countries.
leadingThe banking and insurance sectors are leading industries in the country.
digitDigit industries has been providing innovative solutions for over 20 years.
alliedAllied industries such as manufacturing and transportation depend on the health of the primary industry.
producingProducing industries are the backbone of economic growth.
mechanicalThe mechanical industries are a major part of the global economy.
respectiveThe companies in our portfolio represent a wide range of sectors and their respective industries
productiveThere are many productive industries in the state.
mature"We are facing some intense competitions as we operate in an industry with slow growth even though our revenue is still stable in mature industries that our company operates."
usingRefineries must continue to consider using industries that reduce emissions and energy consumption while remaining cost-effective.
indigenousThe indigenous industries of the region are struggling to survive.
handicraftMany handicraft industries have been flourishing in the countryside lately.
ancillaryThe construction sector is expected to drive the growth of ancillary industries in the region.
oligopolisticThe telecommunications sector is characterized by oligopolistic industries where a few large firms control a significant portion of the market.
newerNewer industries are emerging all the time.
processingThe rise of processing industries has led to a significant increase in air pollution.
canadianMany of Canada's large companies are in Canadian industries
chemicalThe chemical industries are a major source of pollution.
competingThe two competing industries were vying for market share.
advancedThe robotics sector is one of the advanced industries that has been growing rapidly in recent years.

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