Adjectives for Industry

Adjectives For Industry

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing industry, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe the industry can significantly impact the perception of your message. Whether it's the American and British roots highlighting national characteristics, the heavy nature indicating robustness and durability, or the private aspect reflecting exclusivity and personalized services, each adjective carries its own nuance. The modern industry stands at the forefront of innovation, while the domestic one emphasizes local production and services. Understanding these subtleties enriches our comprehension and conversation about industries. Explore our full list of adjectives to discover more about the diverse qualities of industries.
americanAmerican industry is a major force in the global economy.
heavyThe city's heavy industry has been in decline for decades.
privateMany private industry contracts contain clauses mandating that the contractor provides at least minimum wage and benefits to employees.
modernModern industry has totally changed the way people live.
britishThe British industry has been in a state of decline for several decades.
domesticThe new trade agreement will help protect the domestic industry
pharmaceuticalThe pharmaceutical industry is a global industry that develops, produces, and markets drugs and vaccines.
localThe local industry is thriving, thanks to the influx of new businesses and the support of the community.
germanGerman industry is known for its high quality and efficiency.
entireThe entire industry was affected by the recent downturn in the economy.
japaneseThe Japanese industry is a global leader in many sectors, including automobiles, electronics, and robotics.
importantThe construction industry is an important industry in many countries.
automotiveThe automotive industry has been heavily impacted by the global microchip shortage.
particularThe particular industry that I am interested in is the technology sector.
lightLight industry such as textiles and electronics, dominates the economy of this region.
nuclearThe nuclear industry is a complex and highly regulated industry that requires a high level of expertise and training.
scaleThe scale industry is booming due to the increasing demand for electronic devices.
majorThe major industry in this area is tourism.
competitiveThe company operates in a fiercely competitive industry
nationalThe government promised to protect national industry
agriculturalThe agricultural industry has made significant advancements in recent years.
electricalThe electrical industry is constantly evolving with new technologies and advancements.
indianIndian industry is growing rapidly.
frenchFrench industry is heavily regulated.
europeanThe European industry is facing several challenges in the 21st century.
electricThe electric industry is a vital part of the global economy.
commercialThe commercial industry is constantly evolving.
financialThe financial industry is a complex and ever-changing landscape.
sovietSoviet industry was the second largest in the world by the end of the 1970s.
ruralThe rural industry relies heavily on agriculture.
canadianCanadian industry is a major part of the country's economy.
interThe inter industry conference brought together experts from a variety of fields.
productiveThe increase in productivity has contributed to the growth of productive industry
globalThe clothing production is a global industry that generates billions of dollars annually.
russianThe Russian industry is struggling to keep up with the Western world.
chineseThe Chinese industry has been developing rapidly in recent years.
australianAustralian industry is thriving.
chiefThe chief industry of this area is agriculture.
intensiveHe demanded an intensive industry to increase the company's output.
thrivingThe thriving industry is a testament to the country's economic growth.
honestHonest industry is the foundation of a prosperous society.
nativeThe government would assist the development of this native industry
secondaryThe secondary industry in this region is dominated by manufacturing.
retailThe retail industry is constantly evolving.
brazilianThe brazilian industry is growing rapidly.
mexicanThe Mexican industry is growing rapidly.
flourishingThe city's flourishing industry has created a wealth of opportunities for its residents.
italianThe Italian industry is known for its high quality and craftsmanship.
indefatigableWith indefatigable industry they toiled tirelessly through the night.
makingThe making industry has been booming in recent years.
profitableThe tourism industry is a highly profitable industry
infantThe infant industry argument is often used to justify protectionist policies that shield domestic industries from foreign competition.
indigenousThe government is supporting the indigenous industry in order to create jobs and boost the economy.
basedThe company is a based industry specialized in the production of surgical equipment.
electronicThe electronic industry is a rapidly growing and ever-changing field.
capitalistThe capitalist industry is booming.
swedishSwedish industry is heavily reliant on exports.
buildingThe building industry has been booming in recent years.
metallurgicalThe metallurgical industry is a sector of the economy that deals with the extraction and processing of metals from their ores.
regulated"Regulated industry" is a term used to describe an industry that is subject to government regulation.
pastoralThe pastoral industry is a major contributor to the Australian economy.
untiringSarah's tireless efforts, fueled by years of untiring industry bore fruit when she received the award for Employee of the Month.
ceramicThe machine operator in the ceramic industry was planting the vines.
koreanKorean industry has been growing rapidly in recent years.
syntheticThe synthetic industry is a major contributor to the global economy.
techThe tech industry is constantly evolving.

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