Adjectives for Info

Adjectives For Info

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing info, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with the noun 'info' can significantly alter the context and impact of your message. From 'more info' that expresses a desire for increased knowledge, to 'financial info' that zeroes in on monetary details, each combination serves a unique purpose. 'Additional' and 'needed info' suggest a supplementation to what is already known, whereas 'further info' implies a continuation of a topic. Utilizing 'much info' can indicate an overwhelming amount, highlighting the importance of adjective selection. Each adjective brings its own nuance, shaping the perception and understanding of the information shared. Explore the full list of adjectives to master the art of precise and impactful communication.
moreCan I get more info about that?
financialThe recent data breach compromised sensitive financial info
additionalI have some additional info for you.
furtherCan you provide further info on this matter?
muchI don't have much info about that.
generalYou can find general info about the company on their website.
latestWe should check the latest info about this company.
personalHe filled out an online form and entered his personal info
insideHe got rich from inside info about the stock market.
mailCan you share your mail info with me?
usefulThe website provided useful info on the topic.
detailedThe detailed info you provided was very helpful.
technicalThe 'technical info' was hidden in the latest software update.
enoughThis is a short sentence with enough information.
extraThe quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog, extra info here.
currentYou can find the current info about the weather in this website.
pertinentThe analyst provided pertinent information to the manager.
completeThe assembly consists of two rails, four uprights, one top brace, two bottom braces and two back braces, and all the parts are complete info
biographicalI am interested in your biographical info
necessaryThe necessary info is provided in the document.
valuableI found some valuable info about the new product release.
vital"Vital information" is crucial for decision-making.
relevantThe article provides relevant info on the topic.
keyThe key info is in the report.
helpfulThis helpful info will make your task easier.
interestingThis interesting info makes me determined to learn more
variableThe variable info can be used to store additional information about the variable.
byvalThe byval info is crucial for the program to run successfully.
arcArc info is a command that displays information about the current or specified arc.
timelyI appreciate you providing me with such timely info
quickThe quick info section provides a concise summary of the most important information.
biologicalI have added some biological info to your profile.
relatedThe adjacent table provides related info on the measures across all countries and years.
800I need 800 info from you.
globalI found this global info on the internet.
beanThe bean info is very helpful.
wrongThe wrong info was provided.
emailPlease email info for more details.
secretI'll not share this secret info with you.
correctThe correct info is available in the documentation.
accurateI need to provide accurate info
demographicPlease provide your demographic info such as age, gender, and location.
statisticalI analyzed the statistical info and it seems that the trend is positive.
availableWe do our best to keep the available info up to date.
homeI'm looking for some home info
confidentialI'm sorry, but I cannot share confidential information with you.
submissionPlease submit your content along with the submission info
staticStatic information is data that does not change frequently.
dimThe dim info cast an eerie shadow over the room.
digitalThis is a sentence with 'digital info' in it.
sensitivePlease handle this sensitive info with care.
onlineI found some valuable online info yesterday.
sektenSekten info ist eine deutsche Informationsstelle über Sekten und Psychogruppen.
reliableI rely on this source for reliable info

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