Adjectives for Infrastructure

Adjectives For Infrastructure

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing infrastructure, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The term 'infrastructure' encompasses a broad range of systems and facilities vital for society's functioning. However, the adjectives used alongside it—like physical, social, economic, basic, public, and necessary—greatly influence its perception and highlight its multifaceted nature. For instance, 'physical infrastructure' refers to tangible assets like roads and bridges, while 'social infrastructure' includes institutions that support societal health and well-being. Similarly, 'economic infrastructure' is pivotal for economic activities, making it clear that these adjectives don't just modify the noun; they uncover the essential roles that infrastructure plays in our daily lives. Dive into the full list of adjectives to explore the diverse aspects of infrastructure they reveal.
physicalThe company invested heavily in physical infrastructure including roads, bridges, and buildings.
socialSocial infrastructure is a vital part of any community, providing essential services like education, healthcare, and transportation.
economicThe government's focus on developing economic infrastructure has led to increased investment in transportation and energy projects.
basicMany of these communities lack basic infrastructure such as running water and electricity.
publicThe public infrastructure in this area is in dire need of repair.
necessaryThe school built the necessary infrastructure to accommodate the growing student population.
urbanThe city's urban infrastructure is in dire need of repair.
industrialThe industrial infrastructure includes factories, warehouses, and transportation systems.
ruralThe government has invested heavily in rural infrastructure in recent years.
institutionalThe development of institutional infrastructure is critical for economic growth.
nationalThe national infrastructure is composed of systems that provide essential services for a country.
poor'Many countries suffer from poor infrastructure especially in rural areas.'
localThe local infrastructure is in need of repair.
technicalThe reliable technical infrastructure was a cornerstone of the company's success.
technologicalOur technological infrastructure has become increasingly sophisticated.
adequateReliable transportation networks and adequate infrastructure are essential for economic development.
criticalNumerous agencies were created to protect critical infrastructure in the United States.
inadequateThe city's inadequate infrastructure struggles to meet the demands of its rapidly growing population.
financialThe company is building a financial infrastructure that will allow it to offer a wide range of financial services to its customers.
organizationalThey depended on modern organizational infrastructure for their survival.
modernThe city's modern infrastructure makes it an attractive destination for businesses and individuals alike.
globalThe company has been investing heavily in global infrastructure to support its growth.
developedThe city has a well-developed infrastructure that supports a high quality of life.
legalThe legal infrastructure of the country is well-developed.
administrativeThe administrative infrastructure was outdated and inefficient.
entireThe entire infrastructure is a complex and interconnected system.
appropriateThe construction of appropriate infrastructure is crucial for economic progress.
educationalThe school board discussed plans to improve the educational infrastructure in the district.
militaryThe military infrastructure of the country was significantly damaged during the war.
agriculturalThe agricultural infrastructure in the region was severely damaged by the hurricane.
essentialEssential infrastructure is critical to the functioning of a modern society.
currentThe current infrastructure is not able to support the growing population.
basedThe ability to transition easily to a zero-carbon electricity grid will depend on a diversified and technically resilient based infrastructure with significant additional investments.
extensiveThe city boasts an extensive infrastructure of roads, bridges, and public transportation.
regionalThe regional infrastructure is in need of repair.
relatedThe related infrastructure is expected to be completed by the end of the year.
scientificWe need to invest in scientific infrastructure to boost innovation
culturalThe development of cultural infrastructure is essential for preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of a region.
weakThe town had weak infrastructure which made it difficult to provide essential services.
commercialThe commercial infrastructure should be planned taking into account the future growth.
efficientThe city boasts an efficient infrastructure that ensures seamless transportation and connectivity.
improvedThe town improved infrastructure through the construction of new roads and bridges.
advancedThe city was characterized by advanced infrastructure and modern architecture.
underlyingThe underlying infrastructure for the new project is being constructed.
environmentalThe development of environmental infrastructure is very important for the protection of the environment and human health.
sophisticatedThe city's sophisticated infrastructure attracted many businesses and tourists.
complexThe complex infrastructure required much effort to construct and maintain.
effectiveThe effective infrastructure contributed to the city's rapid growth and development.
wirelessThe company is investing heavily in wireless infrastructure to improve coverage and speed.
availableThe new hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and available infrastructure
solidThe company's solid infrastructure allows it to handle large volumes of data efficiently.
limitedThe town's limited infrastructure made it difficult for new businesses to establish themselves.
corporateWe are committed to investing in our corporate infrastructure
nuclearOur nuclear infrastructure is aging and in need of replacement.
electronicThe electronic infrastructure for the project was completed last year.
digitalThe digital infrastructure of the country is advanced.
supportiveThe company is growing rapidly and needs to build a supportive infrastructure to accommodate its growth.
soundThe company's sound infrastructure ensures reliable and efficient operations.
overallThe overall infrastructure of the city was in a state of disrepair.
civilianThe airstrike missed its intended target and instead struck civilian infrastructure
expensiveThe construction of expensive infrastructure projects put a strain on the city's budget.
suitableThe technology industry needs a suitable infrastructure to thrive.
vastOur vast infrastructure provides the foundation for our global operations.
productiveInvesting in productive infrastructure can create jobs and boost economic growth.
associatedAssociated infrastructure is in good condition.
integratedThe integrated infrastructure provides a comprehensive solution for managing and optimizing data center operations.
elaborateA thriving metropolis with elaborate infrastructure and a rich cultural heritage, the city was a melting pot of diverse ethnicities.
underdevelopedThe area suffered from underdeveloped infrastructure
municipalA large portion of the municipal infrastructure is decades old and requires significant funding to avoid catastrophic failures.
robustOur robust infrastructure ensures seamless connectivity and uninterrupted services.

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