Adjectives for Input

Adjectives For Input

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing input, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'input' can significantly change the nuance of your sentence, shedding light on the type, quality, or nature of the input discussed. For instance, 'sensory input' emphasizes information received through senses, whereas 'total input' suggests considering all available data in a situation. Terms like 'standard input' refer to a norm or baseline, highlighting conformity, while 'visual input' focuses exclusively on what is seen. 'Direct input' and 'single input' further refine the context, portraying straightforwardness and exclusiveness, respectively. Each adjective unlocks a new dimension of understanding 'input', inviting readers to explore the variances in interpretation. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'input' to enhance your expressions.
sensoryThe child received a range of sensory input from their environment.
totalThe company needs to have total input so as to make the right decision.
standardI used standard input to generate this JSON object.
visualThe visual input provided by the display was clear and easy to read.
directThe direct input is essential for the system to function properly.
singleThe single input was insufficient for the analysis.
twoThe two input must be add together.
lowThis is a sentence with low input
externalThe external input was processed by the system.
additionalThe report contains additional input from several sources.
currentThe current input is too high.
majorThe project received major input from the community.
primaryThe primary input to the model is a list of numbers.
significantThe team's success was the result of significant input from all members.
valuableHe was asked to provide his valuable input on the matter.
constantThe experimenters held constant input and measured the output.
synapticThe researchers investigated the effects of synaptic input on the firing rate of neurons.
electricalSupply adequate electrical input to the device.
linguisticThe linguistic input was processed by the computer.
netThe net input was more than enough to cover the costs of the project.
sinusoidalThe sinusoidal input was analyzed using a Fourier transform.
auditoryThe auditory input was too loud for the participants to hear clearly.
digitalThe digital input was processed by the computer.
initialThe initial input for the project came from a customer survey.
environmentalThe researchers investigated the effects of environmental input on the growth of the plant.
multipleThe program is designed for multiple input from users.
actualThe actual input data was not available.
positivePositive input can lead to positive outcomes.
threeI have three input
excitatoryThe excitatory input to the neuron caused it to fire an action potential.
necessaryThe necessary input for this experiment was meticulously gathered.
inhibitoryThe inhibitory input decreased the firing rate of the neuron.
keyThe key input is essential for the successful operation of the system.
continuousThe researcher collected continuous input from the user to train the model.
differentialThe complex input circuit amplifies the differential input signal.
solarThe amount of solar input was 1000 watts per square meter.
nociceptiveNociceptive input is the activation of pain-sensing neurons.
criticalThe critical input was necessary for the successful completion of the project.
substantialThe committee's report, which included substantial input from all members, was widely praised.
creative"Let's brainstorm ideas and gather creative input from the team."
proprioceptiveHis proprioceptive input was impaired, causing him to stumble while walking.
appropriateThe appropriate input was used to solve the problem.
multiThis is a multi input sentence.
intermediateThe manufacturing of intermediate inputs is essential for economic growth.
mechanicalThe mechanical input was carefully calibrated to ensure optimal performance.
lessThis sentence has less input
perceptualThe perceptual input from the environment shapes our perception of reality.
usefulThe useful input helped us make an informed decision.
essentialThe essential input for the project was the data from the survey.
manualThe user can interact with the system via manual input
peripheralThe peripheral input device was malfunctioning.
neuralThe AI system processes neural input to make decisions.
parentalThe school district values parental input in shaping its curriculum.
technicalThe project requires technical input from experts in the field.
audioCan you hear the audio input coming from the speakers?
correspondingThe function creates a new object from the corresponding input

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