Adjectives for Installation

Adjectives For Installation

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing installation, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe an installation can significantly alter the perception and understanding of the subject. Whether it's a typical installation process that many are accustomed to, or a new installation that introduces innovative elements, the adjectives set the scene. Furthermore, different contexts such as military or electrical installations bring their own unique sets of expectations and technicalities. The initial setup or the importance of following the proper protocols can also emphasize the specifics of the installation. Each adjective opens up a new dimension of understanding, highlighting various aspects and considerations involved. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'installation' to grasp the nuances they unveil.
typicalTelevision sets need a typical installation
newThe new installation will be completed by the end of the week.
militaryThe military installation was heavily guarded.
initialThe initial installation of the software was successful.
properOur team of experts will ensure proper installation of your new system.
electricalThe electrical installation was completed last week.
completeUpon complete installation the software will automatically start running.
particularPlease refer to the particular installation manual for the actual installation procedure.
permanentThe permanent installation is now open to the public.
largeThe large installation will be completed by the end of the year.
actualWe can help with everything from the initial concept through actual installation
easyThe software is designed for easy installation and use.
originalThe original installation of the software was successful.
entireThe entire installation was completed within a month.
improperThe improper installation of the electrical system was the cause of the fire.
standardWe are currently experiencing a standard installation
electricThe electrician checked the electric installation thoroughly.
single"The single installation was completed with no issues.
nuclearThe nuclear installation has been operating safely for over 50 years.
finalThe final installation of the software will be completed by Friday.
correctEnsure correct installation of the application.
simpleThis software comes with a simple installation process.
largestThe largest installation of a vanadium flow battery is at a substation in China.
commercialWe offer a wide range of electrical services, including commercial installation and repair.
industrialThe industrial installation was a marvel of engineering.
postPost installation of the software was successful.
windowsThe Windows installation completed without any errors.
wirelessThe wireless installation was completed quickly and efficiently.
recentThe recent installation of the new software has improved productivity by 20%.
cleanI decided to do a clean installation as my system was very slow.
experimentalThe experimental installation was a success, proving the hypothesis.
formalThe formal installation of the new equipment was completed last week.
basicThe basic installation of the software is straightforward.
temporaryThe artist's work was a temporary installation that was only on display for a week.
solarWe are considering a solar installation for our home.
unattendedThe unattended installation completed successfully.
automaticThe automatic installation of the software was completed successfully.
prePlease check the pre installation guide to see if your system meets the requirements.
undergroundThe underground installation was completed last week.
safeI have finished the safe installation of the new software.
navalThe nearby naval installation has been on high alert since the attack.
outdoorThe outdoor installation was a beautiful piece of art.
secretThe secret installation was hidden deep within the mountain.
fixedThe fixed installation is a permanent structure that is not easily moved.
expensiveThe renovations required expensive installation of new wiring and plumbing.
remoteThe remote installation of the software is complete.
immediateWe can offer you a new machine with immediate installation
quick"We're pleased that Xilinx tools enable quick installation of FPGA designs."
scaleThey began the scale installation by determining the location of the new scale.
incorrectThe incorrect installation of the software caused the system to crash.
wellThe well installation was completed on time and within budget.
interactiveThe interactive installation allowed visitors to engage with the artwork in a unique and immersive way.
rapidThe rapid installation of the software allowed for immediate use.
hydroelectricThe hydroelectric installation provided the local town with renewable energy.
easierIts easier installation and maintenance also accelerated its adoption across many industries.
manualThe manual installation process was completed successfully.
subsequentThe subsequent installation of the software was successful.
complexThe complex installation required specialized equipment and expert technicians.
mechanicalThe mechanical installation was completed last week.
faultyThe faulty installation of the software caused the system to crash.
carefulThe careful installation of the software ensured its smooth operation.

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