Adjectives for Institutions

Adjectives For Institutions

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing institutions, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe institutions can significantly alter the perception and understanding of the term. From other to financial, each adjective brings its unique shade of meaning, highlighting different aspects of institutions. Educational institutions play a pivotal role in shaping minds, while social institutions are fundamental in forming societal bonds. The term political institutions, on the other hand, emphasizes governance and public policy aspects. Mentioning public institutions immediately brings to mind entities that serve the population at large. The appropriate adjective can transform a generic concept into a vivid and specific image, opening up a richer context for discussion. Explore the full range of adjectives to discover the diverse nuances they add to the word 'institutions'.
otherWe should also coordinate with other institutions on this matter.
financialMany financial institutions saw a surge in deposits during the pandemic.
educationalThe local school board is considering increasing funding for educational institutions
socialDifferent social institutions such as family and school, play an important role in socialization.
politicalThese political institutions are in charge of resolving all the tensions generated by the development of capitalism.
publicPublic institutions are essential to the functioning of any society.
democraticThe country has a long history of democratic institutions
religiousMany countries have rules about how religious institutions are taxed.
privateThere are many private institutions in the country.
internationalInternational institutions play a vital role in promoting global cooperation and development.
variousStudents of various institutions are blessed to have such a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips.
localLocal institutions are the bedrock of any community.
higherStudents who excel in higher institutions often have excellent study habits and time management skills.
americanI am proud of the American institutions that have shaped me.
economicEconomic institutions can play a fundamental role in the development and stability of a society.
freeThe spread of free institutions across the world has been a major factor in the progress of human rights.
academicStudents attending academic institutions often have access to a variety of resources.
nationalNational institutions are an important part of any society.
charitableThe budget includes generous funding for charitable institutions
culturalCultural institutions play a vital role in preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of a society.
traditionalTraditional institutions like marriage and religion have been under increasing strain in recent years.
legalLegal institutions are the mechanisms by which societies establish, interpret, and enforce legal norms.
formalThe effectiveness of formal institutions is often undermined by informal rules and norms.
representativeRepresentative institutions play a crucial role in ensuring accountability and responsiveness in governance.
governmentalHer trust in governmental institutions began to waver.
republicanThe Roman Republic was the first government to implement republican institutions
europeanThe European institutions are working together to address the challenges facing the continent.
penalThe city once had two penal institutions the Workhouse and the House of Correction.
medicalJohns Hopkins is one of the top medical institutions in the country.
scientificMany scientific institutions are focused on the study of climate change.
mentalSarah was committed to one of the local mental institutions
domesticEconomic growth has faltered in the past decade due to the lack of domestic institutions to enforce contracts and to provide legal recourse.
correctionalThe inmates were released from the correctional institutions
parliamentaryA government based on parliamentary institutions gives the dominant party control of both the executive and the legislative branches.
civilThe civil institutions are responsible for the administration of justice.
liberalStudents gathered for orientation at the liberal institutions
regionalThe regional institutions collaborated on a research project.
municipalThese municipal institutions provide jobs for educated young people.
yearThe year institutions made significant financial contributions to the campaign.
specializedThe university had specialized institutions for graduate studies and research
ecclesiasticalThe state may not interfere with the affairs of ecclesiastical institutions
nonprofitOnline donations to nonprofit institutions saw a significant increase during the pandemic.
tertiaryWe debated the future of our tertiary institutions and the best ways to make them more accessible and affordable.
globalThe role of global institutions in the face of transnational challenges is crucial.
monasticThe existence of monastic institutions only increased the number of people in cities.
postsecondaryPostsecondary institutions provide opportunities for individuals to further their education and develop new skills.
benevolentThe wealthy donated generously to benevolent institutions
societalSocietal institutions shape people's lives in a variety of ways.
feudalThe rigid feudal institutions limited social mobility in the medieval period.

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