Adjectives for Insurance

Adjectives For Insurance

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing insurance, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe insurance can significantly affect the connotation and reader's understanding. Whether talking about social insurance, which emphasizes protection and societal welfare, or private insurance, highlighting individual choice and tailored coverage, the choice of adjective unveils different aspects of insurance. Medical insurance and national insurance point to coverage specifics and governance, respectively. Meanwhile, compulsory insurance underlines legal mandates, and marine insurance specifies domain-focused coverage. Each adjective opens a new dimension of understanding, showcasing the diversity within the insurance industry. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with insurance to grasp the nuances they introduce.
socialThe government provides social insurance to protect citizens from financial risks.
privateSarah pays for her healthcare with private insurance
medicalHaving medical insurance is important for your health and financial well-being.
nationalI don't have enough national insurance contributions.
compulsoryCompulsory insurance refers to insurance coverage that is required by law for certain individuals or activities.
marineThe marine insurance policy covered the vessel and its cargo against loss or damage from maritime perils.
voluntaryIndividuals may choose to use voluntary insurance to cover health expenses not covered by their employer-provided insurance.
publicThe patient was covered by public insurance
industrialI have never applied for industrial insurance before.
federalMany banks and credit unions offer federal insurance for deposits.
lifeMy life insurance policy provides financial protection for my family in the event of my death.
mutualThe company offers mutual insurance which means that policyholders share the risk and the profits.
additionalThe driver was at fault and our additional insurance covered the cost of the repairs.
bestThe best insurance is peace of mind.
adequateOur company was able to recover quickly from the fire due to adequate insurance
personalPersonal insurance is essential for protecting your finances and property against unforeseen events.
universalUniversal insurance provides comprehensive protection against all types of risks.
professionalThe company has professional insurance to protect itself against claims.
commercialThe business took out a commercial insurance policy to protect itself against financial losses.
dentalI need to find dental insurance that covers braces.
ordinaryDespite this, it is still possible to find ordinary insurance policies that provide coverage for less risky activities.
comprehensiveMy new car is well-protected with comprehensive insurance
permanentPermanent insurance provides lifelong coverage, regardless of your age or health status.
fireThe fire insurance policy covered the damage to the house.
doubleThe value of the car was protected by double insurance
extraI decided to take out extra insurance in case my car is stolen.
supplementalI purchased supplemental insurance to cover my medical expenses.
faultIf your car is damaged in an accident that's not your fault, you can file a claim with your fault insurance
partyI bought party insurance in case anything went wrong during the event.
enoughShe decided that she didn't have enough insurance to cover her debts.
sicknessI need to get sickness insurance as soon as possible.
contributoryThe expense can be covered by contributory insurance which the employer and the employee jointly contribute to.
mandatoryMandatory insurance is required for all drivers in the state.
sponsoredThe sponsored insurance provided comprehensive coverage.
supplementarySupplementary insurance can help fill the gaps in your primary health insurance coverage.
catastrophicThe business purchased catastrophic insurance to protect against the high costs of a natural disaster.
unexpiredThe driver was cited for driving without unexpired insurance
temporaryI need temporary insurance for my rental car.
costThe cost insurance includes the cost of the goods, insurance, and freight.
riskBefore applying for the loan, he took out risk insurance to protect his family in case of his death.
fraternalJohn was grateful for the fraternal insurance payout after his unexpected hospitalization.
extendedExtended insurance helps to cover costs that are not covered by your standard insurance policy.
healthI need to find a new health insurance provider.
obligatoryObligatory insurance is mandatory for all drivers in this country.
excessThe homeowner's excess insurance covered the remaining costs of the damage to the house.
medigapMedigap insurance also known as Medicare Supplement Insurance, can help cover some of the out-of-pocket costs associated with Original Medicare.
statutoryThe statutory insurance provider is responsible for the costs of medical treatment.
subsidizedThe government provides subsidized insurance to low-income families.
surgicalThe surgical insurance policy covers a wide range of medical expenses.
overThe policyholder was paying too much for their over insurance
sickMy sick insurance covers all the medical expenses I incur.
variableThe insurance industry has many types of variable insurance but some of the most popular are whole life insurance and universal life insurance.
unemploymentI lost my job and had to file for unemployment insurance
partialShe only had partial insurance for her car, so she had to pay a lot out of pocket when she got into an accident.

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