Adjectives for Int

Adjectives For Int

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing int, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the world of 'int' through adjectives unveils a layer of precision and context that colors our understanding and communication. An 'int' can be 'static', referring to a constant value in programming, showcasing its unchanging nature. When we add 'public' to 'int', it's about accessibility in software design, indicating elements open to a broader scope. Descriptors like '4th' or '5th' introduce order and sequence, hinting at an item's position or version. Meanwhile, 'ieee' evokes standards and precision, underlining the technical rigor in applications. Each adjective, from 'kidney' to 'ieee', opens a narrative window, enriching 'int' with nuances that inform, guide, and refine our interactions and understanding. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'int' below, each bringing its own unique shade of meaning and application.
kidneyI ate at a kidney int after going to the supermarket.
publicpublic int i = 0;
4thThe 4th int is four.
ieeeThe IEEE int type is a 32-bit integer type.
staticstatic int i = 0;
6thThe 6th int is 6.
finalfinal int x = 10;
8thThe 8th int is eight.
privateprivate int count;
unsignedThe unsigned int data type represents nonnegative integers.
10thThe 10th int is the tenth integer.
12thThe 12th int is greater than 10.
13thThe 13th int is not needed.
thirdThe third integer was nine.
longThe long int was very important.
14thThe 14th int is fourteen.
15thThe 15th int is 14.
shortThe short int type stores a 16-bit integer.
3rdThe 3rd integer is 5.
16thThe 16th int is sixteen.
fifthHer fifth int experience was remarkable.
fourthThe fourth int is 10.
17thIt was the 17th int he had in six months.
18thThe person was born in the 18th int
20thThe 20th int is 19.
24thI'll be there on the 24th int of December.
19thThe 19th int was a very important milestone.
externextern int i;
1099This individual worked as a 1099 int last year.
1stThe 1st int is 1.
25thIt's the 25th int
openThe open int for the stock is 10,000 shares.
virtualI applied for a position that was advertised as a virtual interaction.
abstractabstract int a = 0;
11thThe 11th int is not a common one.
7thShe scored 7th int the competition.
26thI am going to my 26th int meeting tonight.
27thThat winsome wench with the 27th int was brought to the 17th party.
29thIt is the 29th int and I am excited to see what this day brings
pentHe pent int his anger by playing violent video games.
28thThe 28th int is 34792.
voidvoid int a;
constconst int x = 5;
21stThe 21st int is a large number.
variablevariable int x;
confidentialThe confidential int was discussed in the meeting.
34thThe 34th int is a long way away.
35thThe 35th int is 35.
bitThe input bit int was invalid, please provide a valid integer value.
sbsI love sbs int
rassegnaLa rassegna int di pittura è stata inaugurata dal sindaco.
burnishedThe sun's burnished int tinged the heavens with a rich golden hue.
neurochemWe need to test neurochem int see if it works.
istThis ist int is not a number.
2ndThe 2nd int is 5.
23rdThe 23rd int was a very important one.
volatileThe volatile int variable can be changed by multiple threads at the same time.
dissDiss int can refer to different things and needs more context to determine its meaning.
compThe interest rate hike is due to the increasing comp int
hepatobiliaryThe hepatobiliary int in regular doses was given to him orally.

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