Adjectives for Integration

Adjectives For Integration

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing integration, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives associated with 'integration' reveals the diverse dimensions this concept can embody, from 'economic' and 'social' to 'european' and 'national'. Each adjective colors 'integration' with distinct shades of meaning, underscoring the complexity and breadth of its impact. 'Economic integration' hints at a world where barriers to trade are diminished, while 'social integration' focuses on the unification of societies. 'European' and 'national' integration spotlight the geopolitical nuances, painting pictures of continents and countries coming together in unity or facing challenges in amalgamation. 'Regional' and 'vertical' integration further delve into the specifics of geographical and industrial convergence. These adjectives set the stage for a deeper understanding of 'integration', inviting readers to explore the full list of descriptive terms that follow.
economicEconomic integration is the process of unifying economies of different countries.
europeanEuropean integration has been a complex and evolving process.
socialThe program's ultimate goal is to facilitate social integration for people with disabilities.
verticalThe company's vertical integration strategy allowed it to control all aspects of its supply chain.
regionalRegional integration can lead to economic growth and development.
nationalNational integration is the process of bringing people of different backgrounds together into a unified society.
numericalNumerical integration is a method for approximating the definite integral of a function using numerical techniques.
politicalThe European Union is an example of political integration
racialThe school district implemented a plan for racial integration in order to create a more diverse student body.
greaterThis system ensures greater integration of the company's operations.
fullOur company is committed to full integration of all employees.
furtherFurther integration of renewable energy sources is essential for a sustainable future.
completeThe complete integration of data from multiple sources provided a comprehensive view of the organization's operations.
globalGlobal integration is the process of increasing the interconnectedness and interdependence of countries and peoples.
internationalThe company's international integration strategy has helped it to expand its market reach and increase its profitability.
successfulThe company's successful integration of the new software led to increased productivity.
horizontalThe company's horizontal integration allowed it to control multiple stages within the same industry.
financialFinancial integration is the process of linking financial markets and institutions across borders.
functionalFunctional integration is the integration of different parts of something to make it work as a whole.
culturalThrough cultural integration immigrants can maintain their cultural heritage while adopting the values and norms of their new homeland.
closerThe government's plans for closer integration with the EU were met with resistance from Eurosceptic MPs.
effectiveThe effective integration of new technologies has significantly enhanced the efficiency of our operations.
monetaryMonetary integration is the process of establishing a common currency and monetary policy for a group of countries.
sensorySensory integration refers to the brain's ability to organize and process information from the senses.
directThe new system can lead to more efficient operations due to direct integration with the existing platform.
scaleThe miniaturization process of integrated circuits is known as large-scale integration, or LSI.
closeThe company's close integration with its suppliers has ensured a steady flow of materials.
partialWe use the method of partial integration to solve the integral.
internalThe internal integration of the system ensured seamless communication between its components.
theoreticalThe theoretical integration of different disciplines is essential for a comprehensive understanding of complex systems.
spatialSpatial integration is the process of combining information from different spatial sources to create a single, comprehensive view of the spatial world.
temporalThe temporal integration of sensory information was impaired in the patient with Alzheimer's disease.
structuralStructural integration is a gentle, hands-on body therapy that helps to relieve pain and improve posture.
emotionalEmotional integration is the process of bringing our thoughts, feelings, and actions into harmony.
graphicalGraphical integration is a method of finding the area under a curve by dividing the area into a series of rectangles and adding their areas together.
seamlessThe seamless integration of the new system enabled a smooth transition with minimal disruption.
deeperThe deeper integration of technologies will revolutionize the way we live.
gradualThe gradual integration process helped to smooth the transition for the students.
backwardOur company's backward integration strategy has allowed us to reduce our production costs significantly.
forwardThe company's forward integration strategy involved acquiring a controlling stake in its key supplier.
progressiveProgressive integration is essential for the long-term sustainability of the global economy.
tightThe tight integration of the system allows for seamless communication and data sharing.
doubleThe double integration ∫∫f(x, y)dxdy gives the volume under the surface z = f(x, y).
rapidThe implementation of a new system enabled rapid integration of multiple data sources.
conceptualConceptual integration is a framework for understanding how people communicate and think, by recognizing the ways in which different concepts are mentally linked.
formalThe mathematical operation of formal integration will find the indefinite integral of a function.
organizationalThe organizational integration was a complex and time-consuming process.
visualThe visual integration of the new system improved the overall efficiency of the operation.
harmoniousThe harmonious integration of diverse perspectives facilitated a comprehensive understanding of the issue.
eventualThe eventual integration of new technologies into the business ecosystem is crucial for long-term success.
psychotherapyCBT and psychodynamic psychotherapy are two commonly used forms of psychotherapy integration
residentialThe policies of residential integration designed to promote social equity by diversifying neighborhoods, have been implemented in many cities.
institutionalMany academics and think-tank experts believe that the vast majority of cities had already become part of the global financial markets through institutional integration
socialistThe socialist integration of the economy has been a key part of the government's plan for the country's development.
semanticSemantic integration is the process of combining the meanings of different words and phrases to create a coherent understanding.
ethnicEthnic integration is a complex and multifaceted issue that has been studied by scholars for centuries.
motorMotor integration is the process by which the brain takes in information from the body and uses it to control movement.
westWe will promote west integration and cooperation.
stableDespite some initial turbulence, the stable integration of the new technology into the existing system has led to improved efficiency and productivity.
monolithicAdvancements in monolithic integration have enabled the development of highly functional and compact electronic devices.
societalSocietal integration is the process of bringing all members of a society together to work towards common goals.
smoothThe smooth integration of the new technology allowed for a seamless transition.
meaningfulThe meaningful integration of new employees is essential for their success within the organization.
genuineThe company promoted genuine integration among its diverse employees.

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