Adjectives for Interest

Adjectives For Interest

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing interest, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'interest' can significantly shape the perception of a sentence. For instance, a 'public interest' suggests it's a matter that concerns the general populace, implying a sense of communal involvement. Conversely, a 'special interest' might hint at more niche, possibly even exclusive concerns or advocacies. Words like 'great' or 'much' amplify the level of engagement or concern, showcasing the importance or intensity of the interest. On the other hand, describing an interest as 'little' or 'particular' can considerably narrow down the focus, suggesting a more specific or minimal engagement. Each adjective brings its hue to the narrative, subtly altering the message conveyed and the audience's engagement. Explore our full list of adjectives to find the perfect nuance for your 'interest'.
publicThe public interest is not always well-served by the government.
greatI read the book with great interest
particularThey were shown the job advertisement with particular interest
specialHe had a special interest in the history of the Middle Ages.
littleI have little interest in that topic.
muchShe read the article with much interest
nationalThe government's decision was made in the national interest
commonWe found a common interest in discussing art from the Middle Ages.
considerableThe announcement was met with considerable interest from the public.
generalThe book covered topics of general interest
personalMy personal interest is reading books.
moreThe student showed more interest in the subject after the lesson.
bestOur best interest lies in supporting sustainable businesses.
keenShe showed a keen interest in the project.
deepHe has a deep interest in astronomy.
greaterShe showed greater interest in the new book than in the old one.
vestedThe politician had a vested interest in the outcome of the election.
realWe invested in real interest in the business and a consistent effort to keep it going.
greatestThe greatest interest I have pursued is learning more about computers.
intenseThe students listened with intense interest to the guest speaker's lecture.
activeThe students listened to their teacher with active interest
strongThe student has a strong interest in science.
historicalThe museum houses artifacts of great historical interest
mainHis main interest was in the history of rock and roll.
primaryHer primary interest was the study of medicine.
chiefMy chief interest is in medical research.
mutualWe found a lot of mutual interest during our coffee last week.
directShe had no direct interest in his activities.
genuineI was surprised by her genuine interest in my work.
practicalThe book details all of the practical interest discoveries in the field.
vitalThe maintenance of peace and security is of vital interest to all nations.
currentI'm curious about current interest rates.
lessThe students showed less interest in the lecture than expected.
scientificSignificant scientific interest has been directed toward the physiological responses of plants to cold stress.
peculiarThe peculiar interest in collecting stamps began at an early age.
immediateThey expressed immediate interest in the proposal.
academicMy academic interest lies in the field of software engineering.
popularThe popular interest in the case has made it difficult to find an impartial jury.
theoreticalMany of the concepts have only theoretical interest but some are quite important in chemistry.
especialThe presentation was of especial interest to the students.
widespreadA renowned university conducted research that attracted widespread interest from the scientific community.
sufficientI have sufficient interest in the case to proceed with the investigation.
historicThe site is of historic interest
intrinsicThe study of history provides intrinsic interest to many people.
deepestI am pursuing this project with the deepest interest
insurableThe seller needs to have an insurable interest for the insurance policy to be valid.
unusualMy sister has an unusual interest in collecting vintage teapots.
legitimateMy company has a legitimate interest in protecting its intellectual property.
slightestShe showed not the slightest interest in the party.
substantialThe company had a substantial interest in the development of the new product.
enlightenedTo protect the environment is to act in our enlightened interest
profoundHe spoke with profound interest about the preservation of historic buildings.
halfThey each owned a half interest in the business.
beneficialThe beneficial interest of a trust is owned by the beneficiaries.
suddenThe sudden interest in genealogy has led to a surge in DNA testing.

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