Adjectives for Interests

Adjectives For Interests

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing interests, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe interests can subtly shift its meaning and implication, highlighting various aspects and concerns. Terms like own interests emphasize personal stakes, while best interests suggest a prioritization of welfare or advantage. Economic interests steer the conversation towards financial or material considerations, contrasting with national interests that underline a broader, communal or governmental priority. Meanwhile, common interests imply shared values or goals, fostering a sense of unity, as special interests often pertain to specific groups with unique agendas or preferences. Each adjective layers additional meaning, offering nuanced insights into the types of interests at play. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with interests below to better capture their diverse implications.
ownHe only considered his own interests
bestWe must always act in the best interests of our clients.
economicThe company's economic interests are in the manufacturing sector.
nationalThe country must prioritize its national interests in negotiations with foreign powers.
commonWe found common interests in movies and books.
specialMany people have special interests that they enjoy pursuing.
vested'Vested interests' are individuals or groups who have a financial stake in a particular issue.
privateHe pursued his private interests with zeal.
commercialThe media often serves the commercial interests of its owners.
politicalHe pursued his political interests by supporting candidates who shared his views.
personalJohn spends much of his time pursuing his personal interests of biking and hiking.
americanThe United States has a long history of intervening in Latin America to protect American interests
britishThe British government is committed to protecting British interests
vitalThe United States has vital interests in the Middle East.
localThe local interests of the town were centered around the annual festival.
individualThe students pursued their individual interests outside of class.
particularMary had particular interests in the history of art and architecture.
financialShe has substantial financial interests tied to the outcome of this case.
conflictingThe decision was made despite conflicting interests
foreignThe company was accused of acting in foreign interests
powerfulPowerful interests often exert undue influence on political decisions.
intellectualShe impressed her colleagues with her intellectual interests and her ability to contribute in meetings.
mutualI'm always looking for people who share my mutual interests
selfishHe made this decision based purely on his own selfish interests
trueThe investigation found he had no true interests and was only after money.
legitimateThe company processes personal data for legitimate interests such as improving its products and services.
diverseHer diverse interests included painting, music, and travel.
agriculturalThe chamber's first priority was to protect agricultural interests
termThe term interests of the loan are 5%.
strategicThe Allied Powers pursued their strategic interests in the Middle East.
immediateThe local governing authority should be made aware of the immediate interests that could potentially be affected by their upcoming decisions.
outsideHer outside interests include reading and painting.
professionalSocial work is one of my professional interests
industrialThe federal government should be working with the state to promote industrial interests and help secure natural resources.
sectionalThe government struggled to balance the sectional interests of different regions.
narrowHe had narrow interests limited mostly to chess and collecting stamps.
divergentThe siblings had divergent interests one preferring science while the other excelled in the arts.
regionalThe company has expanded its operations to cater to regional interests
collectiveThe group endeavored to advance their collective interests
variedHe has a wide range of varied interests from painting to playing the guitar.
respectiveEveryone was invited to discuss their respective interests
academicI've been exploring my academic interests in computer science and linguistics.
literaryShe was a woman with many literary interests
vocationalHe pursued a course in line with his vocational interests
russianPutin is looking out for Russian interests in Ukraine.
imperialThe imperial interests of the British Empire extended around the globe.
dominantThe project shared information about dominant interests and investment patterns in the United States.
widerShe was a teacher with a passion for music and a range of wider interests
colonialThe European powers had colonial interests in Africa and Asia.

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